Use of Social Media to Uncover Haitian Slave Labor in Florida!

Social media might truly “suck” at times, especially when it comes to addiction, privacy and security issues and concerns. However, every now and then, it can surprise us by helping deliver messages for causes and awareness that can help bring about world change!

This story of Florida’s “Modern Day Slavery” might have never gotten around or reached the right people if it weren’t for a combination of using Twitter, Youtube, Facebook and a mobile phone!

Paul Franz Reports from Miami-Dade

A university student, Paul Franz (@plfranz on Twitter), uncovered the story of Haitian Josef through Youtube video uploads and the use of social media; relaying the story live by images and sounds.

No matter how strong the story is, you can make it stronger and improve the impact and reach of the video by using social networking sites“…

What do you feel about this: Does it change your overall view about social media? What other stories have you come across that prove the importance of social media?

Looking forward to read your feedback down below :)

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One response to “Use of Social Media to Uncover Haitian Slave Labor in Florida!”

  1. M.Bamieh says:

    while its great that this happened but i would venture a guess that the majority of the people who need the help probably don't know what social media is

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