Using Social Media to Promote Haiti Shops to US Consumers

Social media is, yet again, being tested to prove its worth, not solely to brands, services and products but also to a country and its economy.

Gelman and Brown, branding and social media experts, have a mission: attracting Americans to help earthquake-devastated Haiti the best way they know how: by shopping. How are they planning to do this? Through using social media, of course.

This is really about the rebranding of this country in the eyes of the American consumer,” Gelman said.

Made in Haiti

Made in Haiti

In order to create a drive for Haitian products, Gelman and Brown launched a made-in-Haiti promotional campaign on Facebook – an ethical consumer movement helping to support the rebuilding of Haiti’s economy in the wake of the January earthquake. “Choose Haiti” now has more than 30,000 fans.

Think about how much aid for Haiti was raised through social media,” Brown said. “So why not for this?”

Initially, Gelman and Brown intend to produce 50,000 t-shirts that say “Choose Haiti” for $9.99 each. But eventually, Gelman’s company plans to produce apparel for brands like Beverly Hills Polo Club and Casual Male.

Haiti Factory

Haiti Factory

Let’s hope social media can help Haitian shops achieve their sales target, and even more.

I’m all for this campaign… Are you? And do you think it will actually help the Haitian economy?

Looking forward to your insights down below :)

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One response to “Using Social Media to Promote Haiti Shops to US Consumers”

  1. M.Bamieh says:

    Another example of emotional appeal over utility and significance. The main export products for Haiti is indeed apparel but what are the chances that those T-shirts originate from there? and not a single mention of the actual US program that allows for free-trade between the two countries to encourage manufacturers to produce there, the HOPE II program that was extended till 2018 … another social FAIL

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