HOW TO: 10 Tips to Save Your Relationships Online

Nothing is pure evil, and I am a firm believer of this.

Although social media can definitely cause you to lose your job, become a victim of revenge and can even be the reason why you lose friends, I see that in return, social media can gear you up to help in a cause or even save a relationship!

So, allow me to share with you the top 10 tips I could think of in which social media use can help you save your relationship, regardless of its nature and its duration.

1. A whole new world

Social media has the power to open you up to a world full of possibilities and adventures! If routine is suffocating your relationship and you need to spice it up, you can always find cheaper and more convenient places to go and things to see, just a few clicks away with social media!

A whole new world by =madmoiselleclau

A whole new world by =madmoiselleclau

2. Meet me half way

If you’re in a relationship, you must be aware of your partners’ likes, dislikes, habits, traits and so on. If not, this is something which social media can indeed help you learn and capitalize on in order to better utilize positives and try to deal with what you see as negatives!

3. Love me tender

Social media can also help you deliver certain messages of love, misses and regrets which otherwise you may not be able to deliver! A short poem on your blog, a sweet status update or even just a short tweet to declare, universally, how you feel about someone could all have the power of mending the small cracks in the relationship.

4. A friend in need

One of the simplest, most effortless things one could do to save a friendship is write a “get well soon” or “happy birthday” note on your friend’s Facebook wall! However, there are many other ways to save the relationship which would require more time like: posting and tagging pictures of good memories, sharing certain jokes and clips and showing you care through short thoughtful comments about a piece they wrote, a new look they have and so on.

5. Lean on me

Sometimes, people shy away from directly sharing their fears or their troubles. They tend to vent through social media more openly. Try to listen between the noise online and put an effort into noticing a change of Facebook wall post tone or a sad tweet! If or when you do, make your move: call, message or try to meet in person and be there.

Lean on Me...

Lean on Me...

6. A fool for you

No one likes to feel fooled, and it hurts the same may it be coming from a friend, a lover or a life partner. Therefore, never try to hide, manipulate or lie about things through your social media accounts because sooner or later, you will be made and hell will break loose!

7. Set me free

If you care about your relationship with your partner, please, please, PLEASE, don’t suffocate them, neither offline nor online! Don’t track their every tweet, status update and posted picture then go mouthing off to him/her about that – learn to trust your partner because not everyone wants to cheat!

8. Me & Mrs. Jones

You might almost always be able to find someone who is a little bit prettier, maybe a wee bit funnier or just has a more toned body! Remember, both online and offline, fidelity remains sacred. Use social media in a way that allows you to meet new friends and business contacts but don’t let it alter your love for and faith in your partner.

9. Unforgettable

That’s what you want to be to your significant other however, 20 messages on his/her Facebook wall, 10 tweets in his/her stream and a bunch of virtual gifts every day will most definitely drive your partner away! Be moderate and unpredictable.

10. Can’t let you go

I don’t think any of us really wants to give up on a relationship. Nevertheless, always remember that when it’s time to let go, you need to let go! Don’t stalk your ex and don’t try to ruin their reputation through social media! Trust me, if you had one chance of getting back to them, you have lost that chance forever!

So, what do you think of these tips? Can you add anything more to them? How has social media changed your interactions with your partner?

Looking forward to your feedback :)

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  1. John McGrann says:

    Absolute quality as always Abu. :-)

  2. M.Bamieh says:

    I think this is missing one very important advice … dont build your relationship on bases of social media

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