12 World Cup Tweeps You #MustFollow

Yesterday, we reviewed 4 of the coolest World Cup Facebook applications, today is Twitter’s turn.

Twitter is certainly jumping on the World Cup bandwagon, they even added a new theme to celebrate the occasion. You can add it by going to Settings > Design, and choosing the “South Africa 2010″ theme. But Twitter will certainly be an important source of updates for the world cup to the extent that some teams like Spanish and the Dutch have banned their players from using it.

A further proof was provided on how the selection of Robbie Findley to the US soccer team instantly became a trending topic on Twitter, even though the whole thing is a surprise it wasn’t a big deal at all.

Twitter's World Cup 2010 Africa Design

Twitter's World Cup 2010 Africa Design

So here are the main Tweeps that you should be adding to your live stream.

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The summary Tweeps

@TM_worldcup2010 – Tweet Meme is a Twitter aggregator that compiles a list of the most popular links that are exchanged on Twitter and they created this list especially for the World Cup to keep everyone updated on the latest news, opinions and analysis about the games, teams and the event. This is a great way to stay on top of the latest news on the World Cup.

@toptweets_wc Top Tweets compiles the most interesting tweets that are being posted on Twitter about the World Cup creating a one stop Tweep for World Cup news.

@FIFAWorldCupTM – This the unofficial World Cup channel keeping everyone up-to-date about what’s going on at every second of the event. If you like your updates to be informative with the least amount of clutter and links this is the Tweep to follow.

Professional News Outlets

World Cup 2010 Mascot

@AP_Worldcup The AP World Cup coverage team will updating fans with their coverage of the event which will be providing a valuable insight into the event seen through the eyes of their experienced team.

@WorldCupCNN – CNN Staffers will make an attempt to watch all 64 games of the event without being fired, divorced or committed, this will surely make for a very interesting Twitter feed and lets hope that they succeed or at least come out of it unharmed.

@WorldCupTele – The British are seasoned football fans, and the Telegraph is one of their prominent media outlets and they will be populating their Twitter feed with their sharp analysis, sprinkled with a splash of humor.

World Cup Players

@stuholden22 – Stuart Holden, The 23 year old Soccer player for the Bolton Wanderers and US National team will be providing his intriguing insight on what it feels like to be at the event.

@realflorentm – Florent Malouda is a media savvy French player that will surely keep us updated on what is going on the French camp at the world cup.

@RealKakaThe Brazilian midfielder loves his Twitter and his fans and is really active in engaging his fans on it, though surely he’s busy with training for his team’s matches but I’m sure he’ll keep his fans posted on what the Brazilians are up to.

World Cup Teams

@thefadotcom – The official English team’s Twitter feed. You have to look no further to stay on top of news about the three lions.

@germanfootball – The German Machina is always a contender for the trophy and if you are a fan then this is a must follow tweep.

@ussoccer – The US Soccer’s team official feed is religious about updating their feed that they will inform you of everything they are up to in South Africa, even when their buses are leaving the camp.

Twitter’s World Cup 2010 What’s Happening page

The Twitter World Cup page

Given the number of interesting feeds about the World Cup you might be interested in creating a list of the tweeps that you want to follow, that way you can easily remove them after the event is over. Also for an overview of everything that is being discussed about the World Cup on Twitter, they have setup up a World Cup HQ on Twitter to aggregate it all so be sure to check it out, and they also have tabs for each of the 32 teams.

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So who will you be following this World Cup? Share with us your passion for the event on the Thoughpick Blog and leave your comments.

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  1. Beiruta says:

    A very nice compilation and it comes handy these days, especially for World Cup fans:) Personally, I will be following @RealKaka cause I am a fan of Brazil and I just love Kaka! :)

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