5 things that really shouldn’t be on Facebook!

Facebook is a wonderful place; it is absolutely filled with all sorts of information and some of that should NOT be shared publicly.

Using a combination of Openbook , a website that lets you search Facebook’s status updates, and the consultation of the nosy people of the neighborhood, we came up with the 5 things that should not be publicly shared on Facebook.

1. Phone numbers

If you have a new phone number, how about an SMS to everyone you know for the update? Or if you can’t help but do it on Facebook, at least use messages rather than posting your phone number where the entire world can see it.

Who should I prank call?

Openbook: Want to prank call someone?

2. Your Crabs status

There are certain things that are just so intimate and private in nature that not only are you encouraged to keep them to yourself but even if you wanted to share them you won’t find anyone interested enough to listen to you.

One of those things is whether you have crabs or not!


3. Porn

Porn is pretty much everywhere on the web, every other bit that traverses the “Internet” is a porn bit. So it is no surprise to anyone that you can find it on Facebook but the amount and accessibility of it is astounding, just search for “4shared .flv” so it’s not that hard at all …

You are only using Facebook as far as anyone is concerned

4. Your Arrests

If you ever plan on being hired, associate with decent people, or project an image as anything but a thug you will need to keep your criminal record off social media networks. Also, it might not be too popular with your parole officer that you are boasting about your criminal record.

What else is on your record?

5. That you hate your job

Some people like their jobs, others are OK with it and a good chunk of people just don’t have much love for their jobs. While that statement is true, you don’t really find a whole lot of people announcing it to the world and possibly their bosses that they feel that way.

Then you should stay at home

It is just wonderful the info that people share on Facebook, and Openbook is doing us all a favor by exposing just how much people love sharing that information. I just wonder if everyone realizes that they are sharing it with the whole wide world and not just their group of “friends”!

Do you have any suggestions for things that we should be looking for on Openbook? Share with us your favorite stalker techniques.

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2 responses to “5 things that really shouldn’t be on Facebook!”

  1. Beiruta says:

    Great tips for our readers. However, it's sad to say that although this is good advice, many people will ignore to remember it and end up in trouble!

  2. M.Bamieh says:

    I really enjoyed looking up this information and doing searched on open Facebook to find the most interesting and intimate details that people have shared on FB… it was certainly an eye opener.

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