Facebook Helps You Find Your Kidnapped Kids!

Facebook Almighty!

Facebook Almighty!

Did you know that it is said that Facebook has the power to help you find your kidnapped family members? Here’s how the story goes:

Once upon a time, a Southern California mother lost her son and daughter when they were kidnapped by her husband and disappeared into thin air!

Through the know-it-all Facebook, she was recently able to locate her long-ago kidnapped children, according to numerous media reports.

Happy Endings Are a Few…

After the mother contacted the teenagers, they said, “Not interested in a relationship. We just have a happy life. Leave us alone“, San Bernardino Deputy District Attorney Kurt Rowley told MSNBC. The profile disappeared, and the mother got in touch with Rowley and his investigators, who eventually located the children in Florida.

There is no relationship there. You don’t have that immediate joyful reunification,” Hoeppner said, adding that if a relationship is to form, it certainly won’t happen overnight.

Crime & Punishment…

The father was arrested and charged with two counts of kidnapping and two counts of violating child custody orders, MSNBC said, and the mother, according to the KCCI report, was eventually given custody of the kids, who were initially watched over by the Florida Department of Children and Families.

The End…

Note: This is NOT the first time this happens! It happened before with a British women who found her kidnapped son through Facebook!

What do you think: Do you believe in the power of social media? Any similar stories to share with us? Looking forward to your comments below…

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  1. M.Bamieh says:

    interesting story, but it's actually very sad how it ended. Maybe those kids will come around eventually …

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