Openbook is Out to Get YOU!

When we sign up to a social media platform, such as Facebook, we – so naively – think that the information we will share will be with the people we choose. However, little by little, and while our addiction is growing bigger and bigger, we find out that things are not what we thought they are! The reality shocks us at first but then, with time, we adjust our privacy setting and our minds as well and we make ourselves feel safe.

Then comes Openbook, a website allows anyone to search embarrassing Facebook updates!

So what is Openbook?

Openbook is simply a new website that allows anyone to trawl through embarrassing and indiscreet status updates posted by Facebook users.

Searching Openbook for potentially compromising terms like “sex”, “boss” or “drunk” throws up thousands of updates from the past few hours.” By Telegraph

Openbook: sharing your Facebook updates with the world!

Openbook: sharing your Facebook updates with the world!

The controversy:

When faced with an issue like this one, we as users are obliged to think of things in 2 ways:

On the one hand, we are the ones able to control what we write in our status updates. By that token, we should be able to decide what we want to share by limiting what we share! Therefore, if we don’t want the world to be able to find our embarrassing updates, we should not make them available and we do that by not writing them to begin with!

On the other hand, we feel that whichever social media platform we choose to use should be able to keep up its promises of privacy and we rebel against those that can’t or won’t.

At the end, I believe the choice is ours since, as we have seen already in the past, there is a limited response to our nags and complaints from those social media giants we choose to be signed up to!

What do you think: Are you pro or anti Openbook? And do you blame Facebook for this mess? Looking forward to your comments down below…

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  1. M.Bamieh says:

    I find openbook hilarious and its fast becoming a pet peeve of mine to just run some searches on there to just see what people say about certain things or events or even their relationships.

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