10 Ways That Social Media Can Help You Land a Job!

Regardless of your university major and work field, there is always that edge which can help you land a job easier and with less fret. Traditionally, some interpersonal communication skills were required, then we moved to computer knowledge followed up by internet usage techniques.

But those were the old days. Nowadays, things are different and to land a job in a good reputable company or organization, you need some know-hows relating to social media, its channels and its benefits.

Therefore, in order to help you utilize social media for landing a job, I’ve prepared a list of the top 10 ways in which social media can be used to boost your resume and give you an edge over other applicants.

1. Create a Blog:

Blogs are usually a portal to your personality, or at least that’s what many employers would assume. Creating and managing a well organized and creative blog can be an indirect way of showing your employer your strengths when it comes to design, writing or even social media knowledge.

2. Share Wisely:

Many of us love to share! Whether it’s because we want to prove to others that we are happy or just to feel good about ourselves, many of us end up sharing too much! When using social media, always keep in mind that anything and everything you post could be tracked and used against you.

Example of Sharing on Facebook

Example of Sharing on Facebook

3. Mix it Up:

When using social media, make sure that you mix it up a little by using more than one channel in case you are later on asked about them or even requested to utilize any of them for a campaign. There are many social media sites out there; learn about them and through trial, error and stats, you will be able to point out which is useful for what for that extra edge!

4. Quality People Count:

While having a great number of Facebook friends and Twitter followers is impressive and sometimes even considered “cool”, having quality friends and followers through social media could open up doors for you for freelancing jobs or even full-time, well paid positions. (Lose those who cramp your style!)

Twitter Followers

Twitter Followers

5. Update Moderately:

Too little is exactly the same as too much, remember that. Whether you are tweeting on Twitter, updating your Facebook status or even submitting articles to Mixx, it is important for you to keep in mind that being moderate can say a lot about your commitment and time management skills.

6. Be Courteous:

Automatic updates and tweets are annoying; I say that from personal experience! Imagine yourself sending an auto reply of some generic message to a perspective employer. What can that say about you?

7. Experience Matters:

Whenever possible, share your work experiences on the social media accounts you use the most. Just like you resume, your social media accounts have the ability to attract a large pool of interested employers surfing social media for that person who walked that extra mile.

8. Use Language Carefully:

140-character messages do not automatically give you a green pass for making all sorts of spelling and grammatical mistakes! Moreover, and whenever possible, try using full words and less slang.

Twitter Grammar

Twitter Grammar

9. Protect Your Accounts:

Spam, ads and other useless information that might be found on your account can show that you are negligent or even careless when it comes to managing your accounts. Make sure to protect your accounts and manage them in a well organized manner to reflect an image of professionalism.

10. Stay Up-to-Date:

Please keep in mind that social media is and will always be a double-edged sword. Read, research and follow up on the latest social media news especially those related to privacy issues, security concerns, problems and so on.

That’s all for now! So, to wrap up, I’d like to ask you the following questions: Do have have any more tips or advices to add for our readers about landing a job through using social media? Have you ever landed a job through your social media accounts?

Looking forward to your comments down below :)

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2 responses to “10 Ways That Social Media Can Help You Land a Job!”

  1. M.Bamieh says:

    how about promoting yourself and networking endlessly?

  2. SEO Reseller says:

    Yes, doing it straightforwardly is a good way to go. As long as you interact with other people continuously, the chances that you’ll land a job will be greater. Those connections will definitely matter in the long run because they can serve as your referrals, and they can tell other people what you can really do.

    — Ray

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