20 Top Social Media Jokes, Clips & Cartoons May/June 2010

We are back with more efforts to bring a smile to your face and brighten up your day! Therefore, we would like to invite you to enjoy our ninth fun collection of social media and networking related cartoons, jokes and clips! (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8)

Facebook Threat! By passiveaggressive

The Oil Spill's Affect on Twitter By outtacontext

Blogging By xkcd

Facebook: The Truth is Out By sireesht

Better Living through Clicking By Rob Cottingham

ipad By xkcd

ipad By xkcd

Living With A Geek Made Easy - Chapter 1 By geek&poke

Facebook Captcha By FredMikeRudy

Golden Rules For The iPad Delivery Day By geek&poke

Facebook Screws Your Privacy By bentremblay

The Li(k)e Economy By geek&poke

We're the Children of Facebook! By tulipánka

Simply Explained By geek&poke

Facebook Wants a New Face! By smlions12

2040 By geek&poke

Text Jokes:

  • A North Carolina waitress was fired for complaining on Facebook about a small tip she received. A lesson to all servers who like to post online complaints: write them where they’ll never be seen — on MySpace. By Erik Bronsten (C)
  • Drug giant and Prozac manufacturer Eli Lilly’s stock prices soared today as millions threaten to leave Facebook. Stock analysts predict this will awaken Americans to the reality that they really only have two friends. By David C Jordan (C)

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Comments and Reactions

  • http://blog.thoughtpick.com Amer Kawar

    So in 30 years the only visible sign of the internet will be Facebook… LOL :D

    Nice list of jokes, Beirut!

  • http://avijoseph.wordpress.com/2010/07/04/20-top-social-media-jokes-clips-cartoons-2/ 20 Top Social Media Jokes, Clips & Cartoons « Avi Joseph

    [...] Top Social Media Jokes, Clips & Cartoons via blog.thoughtpick.com [...]

  • http://blog.thoughtpick.com M.Bamieh

    Hilarious love the cartoon about whats on facebook!

  • Jim F Kelly156

    Tnx Beirut …. always good to smile !

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