7 Eleven and Zynga Campaign — Learn Social Media by Example

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: 7 Eleven and Zynga Campaign

: Products and services

: http://www.buyearnplay.com/

: Facebook

: Zynga Game Players

: Gifts and Prizes

: July 2010

: 6 weeks

What is it about?

The campaign's website

FarmVille is an extremely popular game on Facebook that is developed by Zynga. The game requires its player to plant and harvest their farms and maintain crops and animals that live in the farm. The game is highly addictive, has managed to attract over 80 million active users of the app and has a huge fanbase. The game recently released a widely anticipated non-Flash iPhone and iPad applications that will allow users to play the game while they are on the go (you can get them here).

Zynga the creator of FarmVille, Mafia Wars, YoVille and many other games teamed up with 7 Eleven to offer a retail tie-in for the convenience retailer’s products allowing players to redeem their Slurpees and ice-cream pints for some exclusive in-game goodies and perks!

About the campaign

The campaign aims at encouraging players of Zynga games to shop at 7 Eleven and marks the first real-life campaign for a Facebook game and surely will drive a lot of gamers to 7 Eleven so that they can go and buy their Farmville goodies. Once you buy one of the promotional goodies, you will have to locate your code and then go to the www.buyearnplay.com (the site is only accessible in the US & Canada) and log on to your Facebook to get your virtual goody of your choice according to the list below.

You can get a neapolitan cow

Once you have redeemed 5-8 of the products on the website and completed an in-game task, they will be able to unlock the Uber-gifts section of the website. For example, the task for Famville could be planting Goji berry crop, a limited edition crop that is unlocked by the promotion and achieving a level crop 3 mastery. The Uber prizes live up to their name, in FarmVille you will able to earn $200 FV Dollars! This certainly encourages users to frequent 7 Eleven a lot more than they usually do during the six week span of the promotion. The campaign is accompanied with TV, radio and online ads to promote during its 6 week run.

Buzz Generation:

7 Eleven Facebook: 262,000+ Fans

Zynga Facebook: 266,000+ Fans

It is hard to measure how successful the campaign has been by just looking at the page view or follower numbers since the brands involved are already widely popular, but the turnout at 7 Eleven stores should give us a good indicator. The FVFan.com was present at a 7 eleven and took these pictures which prove that there was a considerable turnout at the 7 Eleven store and that the campaign has succeeded in bringing the fans to the stores.

FarmVille fans queue

Why did it do what it did?

The six-week campaign is still in its second week but it’s already proving to be a success; it has been covered and talked about extensively in the Facebook gaming circles.
  • Create partnerships; creating the proper partnership can help bolster a campaign and bring it to a wider audience. In this case, they chose to partner with a game developer that has million of faithful players of their games.
  • Create the proper incentives; there were always retail tie-in promotions going on for different products and different brands but the perks provided by the tie-in were never enticing enough for people to care about them. However, in this campaign, they created gifts that mattered to the fans.
  • Target the Niche; millions of people are hardly a niche but they certainly have all the features of one. By targeting the people that care passionately about something, you will certainly gain a passionate response.

What do you think of this campaign? Did you go to 7 Eleven to earn the gifts or would you? Let us hear your thoughts.

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  1. Beiruta says:

    I really like this campaign, simply, it is brilliant! I did not participate in it yet I definitely would! Combining the online and offline experience makes customers, in my opinion, more loyal since they feel closer to you :)

  2. Kendall says:

    Very cool! I found this article as my site was mentioned in it! I love the whole site you have done here, great work!

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