Facebook FINALLY Surrenders to Criticism & Adds “Panic Button”

Facebook Bows to Pressure!

A few weeks ago, I wrote an article entitled: Why is Facebook Panicking about the Panic Button? Thoughts & Insights. The main reason for that post was trying to figure out why Facebook was refusing to add the Panic Button and speculating the reasons behind such a decision.

However, it seems that Facebook has finally bowed to the pressure and began providing a new application which allows young users to report suspicious behavior.

What Does This Application Do?

This application allows all Facebook users to access an advice center from their home page where they will be able to report suspected grooming or inappropriate sexual behavior.

Joanne Shields, Facebook’s vice president, acknowledges that the new app likely won’t be a “silver bullet” of social networking safety. She insists that the industry, the parents, the police and the young people themselves need to be well educated about their online activities and the threats that might face them as a result.

Examiner.com adds: “Facebook has teamed with the UK Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP), and will be providing a Facebook app that will serve as a sort of “panic button,” allowing teenagers an easy to report cyberbullying and other such incidents. The tool will be advertised on the home pages of teenage Facebook users”.

It’s great that Facebook has finally made that step. However, I wonder: Did they do it in order to get recognition like Bebo did at the end of last year? Or did they just surrender in order not to lose face with their users and avoid more criticism?

Looking forward to your insights and feedback on this topic.

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3 responses to “Facebook FINALLY Surrenders to Criticism & Adds “Panic Button””

  1. Amer Kawar says:

    But where is this panic button app? I just logged in to my Facebook account, tried searching for “Panic Button” and nothing. Only teenagers can install this app?

  2. M.Bamieh says:

    Interesting that they bowed down but is it UK only? or is this app available worldwide?

  3. patricklothian says:

    I hope it becomes world wide thing. Anything to help young people in any way is a good thing. Not sure why they would push against it.

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