FrontierVille – The Budding Champion of Facebook Games

FrontierVille is the latest game from Zynga and it has made inroads in the Facebook gaming community and managed to add over 3.7 million users this past week alone. The game took many of the elements that make other Zynga games addictive and put them together to create, arguably, their best game yet!

Game Overview

Players enter the game as pioneers in the early century trying to make it on the frontiers of the new world. The general goal of the game is to live well and prosper on the frontiers, and in order to achieve that you will have to manage several tasks and goals.

Unlike other Zynga games that center around a single goal, whether it’s farming when it comes to Farmville or amassing power as is the case with Mafia Wars, FrontierVille requires the player to manage several goals. You will have to plant and harvest your crops, fight the pests and woodland creatures, you will be collecting items that will randomly appear once you complete an action and you’ll have to get married and take care of your virtual family and build your own town. And if that wasn’t enough, you will also be able to visit and establish relationships and trade with neighboring frontier towns and help friends completing their tasks and quests.

As you can imagine, it departs from the single-minded nature of previous Zynga games and creates a complex, rich, and original game that will surely amass a huge fan-base with the Facebook gaming crowd.

How it got its 3.7 million in a week

You are definitely doing something right if you manage to gain 3.7 million users within the span of a single week, so we will look at how they managed to achieve this:


The game will spam your news feed with updates, and although you can easily disable it, it still manages to get news about a new game on the block to prospective users. And to encourage users to keep them, the live feeds contain links to bonuses, coins, and XP.

Live Feeds with incentives

Capitalized on the decline of other games.

The Top 25 games of Facebook continued to plummet with FarmVille losing 7.7 million players, certainly people are getting bored with the simple games, and FrontierVille’s more complex approach to gaming was enticing to many users.

New social activities in the game.

The game introduces many new social aspects to the game play; making people promote the game heavily in order to advance in it. The game allows people to earn stats and reputation for working for a neighbor, hiring a neighbor to do some work and helping out on quests and many more.

Ask Friends for help

The game is certainly a breath of fresh air to the social media game, and it is really intriguing how Zynga handled non-gamers, gave them a crash course in gaming, and groomed them in preparation for more complex games such as FrontierVille. So the game is worth a run for gamers who thought Facebook games were too simple, and a must join for Facebook gamers since it provides the addictiveness and challenge that they have been craving.

To play the game check out the FrontierVille App page.

So have you joined FrontierVille? What do you think of it? Share with us your thoughts about the game in our comments section.

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    Wow! That's when hell of a brilliant way to utilize social media! Good job Zynga!

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