Hyves vs. Facebook: Creating Loyal Users & Catching Criminals!

From the website Hyves.nl

Founded in 2004, Hyves is the biggest social networking site of The Netherlands. The name Hyves comes from the English beehive (not from hives), comparing users to bees in a hive.

The focus of the website is on keeping in touch with existing friends and making new friends. There is no need to know HTML for creating a Hyve. It is comparable with other social networking sites. Users can create personalized pages of themselves with rich media content, such as photos, videos, flash content and custom layouts. (Wikipedia)

Hyves came to my attention recently through an article in a Dutch newspaper about how the police are using social media – in this case Hyves.nl – to help look for clues in the murder of a 55 year old man, who was found dead in a forest. The man was killed in a knife attack, his legs were separated from his body and was partly undressed!

The police have distributed posters in bus and train stations, highlighted the case on TV and placed a banner on Hyves, asking for any relevant info. A reward of 15,000 Euros has been issued for the provision of info that will lead to the arrest of the murderer.

Can Hyves Compete with Facebook?

According to stats, Hyves is doing very well and the fact that it is being used to help catch criminals means that it does have an active and interactive user base. See the figure below for more specific stats:

Hyves.nl on Alexa

As for the stats on its website, these are the numbers I found:

  • Hyves has 10,271,748 Members
  • 192,419 scraps were made that day
  • 7,055 blogs were created that day

While not all members of Hyves are Dutch, Hyves is still very popular given that Holland has only 16 million inhabitants!

To wrap up, I wonder: Do you think Facebook might be in danger from Hyves and its popularity minus privacy concerns? Would you consider signing up to it?

Looking forward to your comments down below :)

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3 responses to “Hyves vs. Facebook: Creating Loyal Users & Catching Criminals!”

  1. Bigjoeapps says:

    I don't believe facebook is in any danger from hyves, but it is really cool that now with social media, it may a little harder for someone to commit a crime and get away with it.

  2. M.Bamieh says:

    well only if all your friends move their, nowadays the allure of Facebook is the people that are on there rather than Facebook its self

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