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Some smaller businesses play it by the ear; their marketing methodologies are moment-based without deep thought to the outcomes. Others keep an eye out for change and take it into consideration when planning their marketing efforts. Liberty Bay Books in a great example of that.

Just do a quick search on Google by typing “Liberty Bay“, and before you know it, you have the complete name of this book store in addition to its map, website and social media presence! At least I just did…

Idea & Objectives:

Liberty Bay Books is an independent bookstore located in Downtown Poulsbo – an Indie bound supported community.

Their main mission could be summarized as follows:



We want to be your community home away from home in North Kitsap. We have many books in stock for a small Independent book store. And if we don’t have something in stock we place book orders daily and can find just about anything. We offer Free events in our store and at other local spots. We have great espresso, a comfy couch, tables and chairs to sit at, and FREE WI-FI. Book clubs, writing groups, and knitting groups can also be found. We hope to see you…

In a nutshell, this library chose to evolve from being a static location where people could go and buy books to a social media based interactive venue where various events are carried out and announced for.

Check out the screen-shots in this post for a few examples from their blog, Facebook page & Twitter account…

Buzz Generated:

Twitter wise, Liberty Bay Books is doing well: they already have a continuously increasing 2,560 Twitter followers and are listed in 166 Twitter lists. They RT, reply and advertise regularly and unintrusively.

Liberty Bay Books @Twitter

As for Facebook, they already have 578 people who like their page and who engage in conversations, comment and participate in events regularly.

Liberty Bay Books @Facebook

They also share pictures from their events on their Facebook page which makes the overall experience of being a customer for Liberty Bay Books more personal and memorable!

Furthermore, their website seems to be highly active due to the fact that it is easily searchable and extremely valuable!

Opinion & Lessons Learned:

Just as Emerson’s Salon was able to use social media, in its simplest form to give itself a competitive advantage, Liberty Bay Books understood what needed to be done and went for it. In my opinion, cutting down advertising costs and replacing them with social media venues and channels is a genius idea to boost their image and create awareness for their brand.

What could we learn from this?

  • Even businesses which seem to be “out of social media’s league” have the chance to flourish if they know how to benefit from the existing social media platforms.
  • Knowing how to utilize social media for your marketing campaign could easily change the image of your business from static to fully interactive and dynamic, thus attracting a larger number of fans and loyal customers.
  • You don’t have to pay too much to be heard or seen! Social media campaigns often offer small businesses a chance to grow virtually at a speed that might actually beat the real growth of the business.

Finally, I wonder: Have you heard about this campaign or participated in it on some level or another? What else do you think they can do to promote themselves through social media and reach a larger number of potential customers?

Looking forward to hearing your feedback down below…

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Comments and Reactions

  • M.Bamieh

    Certainly its great how they were able to take their status as a community and social center and elevate it into the social media sphere, by providing extra services and molding themselves in different forms offline business will remain relevant otherwise they will just go the way of the dodo

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