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Old Spice “The Man You Could Smell Like” Campaign — Learn Social Media By Example

If I were to ask you the following question: What differentiates a good social media campaign form an extraordinary one? What would your answer be? Mine would definitely be: Old Spice “The Man You Could Smell Like” Campaign!

Old Spice Homepage

Idea & Objectives:

The campaign was simple, straight-forward yet had a great deal of creativity and innovation invested it in it. A few advertisements for Old Spice fragrance followed by a series of personalized re-tweet Youtube clips by the Old Spice guy (the same guy who starred in the ads). Did anyone think of this before? The answer is a 100% negative!

The ad agency, Wieden & Kennedy, put together some bizarre and funny commercials for Old Spice that premiered a few months ago. The ads featured a towel-clad man in his bathroom addressing a camera and promoting the Old Spice brand of men’s fragrances.

Not only did the team behind the campaign take great care to engage celebrities, influencers, common folk and popular social media sites in balanced quantities, it knew exactly how to talk to them. They also leveraged Twitter, Facebook, Reddit and blogs.

In his penultimate video, the Old Spice guy talks directly to his daughter, explaining that until recently, he was just a struggling actor no one has ever heard of“.

The original video

Buzz Generation:

The Old Spice funny commercials became very popular on YouTube — the original video has more than 13 million views.

A few weeks after that hit, and due to the brilliant new response ads, the campaign got more than 6 million millions of additional views and 22,500 comments in total.

Popular virals in the first 24 hours

Major blogs and websites talked about the campaign as well, which made the campaign even more viral and successful. Even tough cynics at Reddit are even calling it “the greatest ad campaign in Internet history.”

Re: Perez Hilton | Old Spice

Re: @Gillette | Old Spice

And the clips keep on coming: 180 clips in total!

Opinion & Lessons Learned:

Allow me to ask you this: “When was the last time a marketing campaign spoke directly to you in such a frank way, making you laugh and cry at the same time?” I think if not never, then probably just a few times in your whole life!

Old Spice hammered the nail with its brilliant hammer; right on its head! I can’t even think of anything else they could have done to improve their campaign or any other elements they could have added!

So, what’s the catch? What did they do? What can we learn?

To wrap it all up, what do you think of this campaign? Could you possibly love it half as much as I do? And would you consider the brand, Old Spice, to be your one and only after this campaign?

Looking forward to your feedback and comments down below :)

Update: Old Spice Guy wins an Emmy for Best Commercial of the Year! “Don’t worry ladies, Under this (suit) I’m still naked!”

Posted by on July 28, 2010.

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