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“Twisit Jordan” Courtesy of Queen Rania — Learn Social Media By Example

Tweet + Visit = Twisit… Simple and fun isn’t it? Read more to find out what this is all about!

Idea & Objectives:

Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah kicked off “Twisit Jordan” on Twitvid around 2 weeks ago.

“Twisit Jordan” is a two fold campaign. Queen Rania has called out for people around the world to submit videos stating what they would like to experience in Jordan, while on the other end she called on Jordanians to submit videos that show how special Jordan is.

Twisit Jordan

Ultimately, a Tourist Swap will happen where two foreigners get to enjoy a tour around Jordan for a week and two Jordanians get to enjoy a tour around the country of the winners.

This project is a continuation of her majesty’s work in cross cultural dialogue, her YouTube project and her book “The Sandwich Swap“. It also builds on Queen Rania’s continuous efforts to promote Jordan around the globe.

Twisit is about fostering greater dialogue and understanding between people of different cultures. It’s not a passive vacation; it’s an active learning experience. It’s about challenging yourself to visit somewhere new; it’s exploring; it’s listening and thinking; it’s swapping stories and experiences; and it’s about discovering something new about yourself and others.” ~ Queen Rania Al Abdullah

Buzz Generated:

At this moment, there are more than 55,000 views on Queen Rania’s video on Twitvid. In addition to that, there are more than 8,000 views of the campaign’s video on Youtube along with an active comment stream below it.

Moreover, there has been around 80 uploads of videos as responses to this campaign from Jordan as well as different parts of the world! The views on each of those videos ranges from 1,500 to as little as 2 views depending on when each was posted and how popular it became.

Some Video Uploads on the Campaign's Main Site

Queen Rania is also using her Twitter account, which currently has 1,310,000 followers and is listed in 9,400+ lists, to promote Twisit Jordan as well. Also, through a quick Twitter Search, you will find a very active conversation with the hashtag #TwisitJordan taking place at this minute!

Conversations on Queen Rania's Twitter Account

Opinion & Lessons Learned:

In two words, no more, I can say that this campaign is: Brilliantly brilliant! Not only does it reflect a beautiful image of Jordan, it also very smoothly reflects a positive image of Jordan’s culture and people! Furthermore, the two folds idea simply makes it worthwhile for both Jordanians and tourists to participate!

So what can we learn from this innovative and unique campaign?

Finally, and to wrap up, What do you think of this campaign? Did you hear about it? Would you participate in it?

Looking forward to your feedback and insights down below :)

Posted by on July 30, 2010.

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