Cisco SPice — Learn Social Media by FAILURE!

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: Aug 2010

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What is it about?

With the runaway success of Old Spice’s brilliant campaign, the “creatives” at Cisco decided to do their own spin off of the campaign by basically copying it in an attempt to tag along for its meteoric rise.

About the campaign

Director of Strategic Communications, Doug Webster, basically fell in love with the Old Spice campaign so much that he decided to imitate it with certain changes so that it would fit the Cisco culture.

So instead of using a single Twitter Account, they used three – @CiscoSPMobility, @CiscoSPVideo and @CiscoSP360 – and instead of a hysterically funny and super sexy black guy in a towel, they decided to go with “Ted from Accounting.”

To put it simply, the whole setup was sloppy and worse yet… no one heard of it! The campaign doesn’t even highlight what exactly they are promoting.

To add insult to injury, this was a blatant attempt for Cisco to act lighthearted and funny, in case you need a specimen of their brand of funny just take a peak at the image below, at least their last attempt at funny got us smirking.

A cause of Projectile Vomiting?

Buzz Generation:

Facebook: 613 Fans

Twitter: 1,200+ Followers

Total Upload Views: 43,500+ Views

A still pickle pandering as a rock band managed to earn better numbers than the Cisco SP360 team. Actually, it is to the benefit of Cisco and their SP360 team that no one heard of their campaign or paid attention to them because the only reaction it will create in people who watch it is repulsion!

Why did it do what it did?

If there was ever an example of what NOT to do in a social media campaign, this one is it!

You know how you can not turn your eyes away from a train wreck about to happen, except in this case no one is even looking and here is why:

  • Do not imitate. Imitating other brands’ successful campaigns is abdicating any claim to even have a collective creativity the size of a mustard grain in your marketing team.
  • Test Drive your “funny side”. It doesn’t help to have a creative team of lemmings, the dissenter is king in the kingdom of lemmings so someone needs to step up and tell Mr. Webster that neither him or his ideas are funny.
  • Put your money where your mouth is. If you don’t have enough faith in your campaign to market it, don’t put it out there in the first place it might back fire badly on the brand and Cisco is just lucky that didn’t happen to them.

What do you think of what Cisco did? How could they have done it differently? Let us hear your thoughts.

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Comments and Reactions

6 responses to “Cisco SPice — Learn Social Media by FAILURE!”

  1. Amer Kawar says:

    Thumbs down Cisco! This campaign truly sucks!

  2. Beiruta says:

    Oooooopsy! Someone forgot about creation and focused on imitation! Bad move!

  3. 線上英文 says:

    Thumbs up for this information. I just stumbled it and will shortly tell the rest of my friends know. They should find it as interesting as myself.

  4. M.Bamieh says:

    Isn't that a complete marketing failure? glad that you all agree :)

  5. On the positive side, by responding to the twitter request to loosen his tie, Cisco (and Ted) did participate in the conversation and respond to tweets from customers. However, this seems poorly designed when considering the company's professional image and target market.

  6. […] are countless examples of customer service failures in the social space. Take Cisco, whose flat and unambitious “Ted from Accounting” campaign attempted to mimic the success of […]

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