Digg Users Declare “Quit Digg” Day!

The 30th of August, 2010, might be a day to remember for years to come: The day that Digg pays its dues and is sentenced to obsolescence for its repetitive crimes against its loyal users. Finally, it seems that the time has come for Kevin Rose and his crew to evacuate the premises, maybe come back again with a different social media tool or just disappear off of the face of the earth!

This is based on Read Write Web’s announcement yesterday: “Reddit has taken over the front page of Digg…. Not only did Digg’s users declare today “quit Digg day,” but in order to protest Digg’s new auto-submission system, users are now upvoting every Reddit story on the site. These stories are being submitted to Digg by Reddit itself through the new auto-submission system that is a core part of Digg v4“.

Digg Front Page Taken Over by Reddit

Here’s a peak into some Digg users comments:

  • Digg is dead, long live Reddit!
  • AWESOME! MORE REDDIT ARTICLES IN TOP NEWS! Kevin, why don’t you just redirect the whole site to Reddit?
  • Suicide is an understatement. Digg committed DIGGICIDE! Long live reddit.

Another peak into some random related comments:

  • I don’t view what is happening as Reddit hate toward Digg. I view it as former Diggers that hate v4 finding a way to show it very publicly.
  • Diggv4 is in danger of becoming a LEGENDARY FAIL unless K Rose and company get their shit together NOW.
  • I believe this is what they call a user backlash.

Finally, what do you think: Can Digg find a way to regain its users support after all the damages that have been done or is it just too late? Should the fact that there are still people voting up stories, Reddit or not, give Kevin Rose some comfort?

Looking forward to your comments and insights down below…

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5 responses to “Digg Users Declare “Quit Digg” Day!”

  1. Andy Nattan says:

    I feel like I'm in a minority of one, but there are bits of Digg v4 that I like!

    The Reddit takeover is hilarious though.

  2. TheDudeDean says:

    I think this is the funniest social media prank ever. Well at least until the next Digg Revolt….

  3. ArabObserver says:

    and Kevin lost his job! :P

  4. pThomas says:

    That is funny…and pretty embarrassing.

  5. M.Bamieh says:

    honestly speaking whether its reddit or digg or even mixx they have a short lease on life because people are turning more and more towards being busy with their own personalized news feeds on twitter or facebook rather than on them

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