Facebook’s New “Check-In” Service: An Illusion of Utopia?

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When I first started reading about this new service on Wired, I was tricked into thinking that it simply lets you “check-in” at a place and send a notification to your friends who are nearby. Just then I thought: “Great, another privacy screw up, yet I am sure no one will care!

However, when I started reading further down, I began to think than things might be a little bit more complicated when it comes to this service!

Facebook VP, Chris Cox: “Stories are going to be pinned to a physical location so that in 20 years our children will go to Ocean Beach and their phone will tell them this is the place their parents had their first kiss, and here’s the picture they took afterwards, and here’s what their friends had to say.”

An Illusion of Utopia?

I am not a pessimist however, I wonder: Are the Facebook people living in a dream of utter utopia? I mean I understand what they are trying to do but didn’t they think of the other side of this argument? What if someone went somewhere and “checked-in” then had an accident? A huge fight with a partner? Was robbed or even raped? Would they want to carry this “memory” with them for years after? Would they really want their grandchildren to know about it?

I honestly think that we need to fully understand the repercussions of such services before engaging in using them. Remember life without social media: When the mistakes you did were merely stored in pictures on your PC? With a service such as this one, we are now entering a new level of fear, haunting and paranoia:

Zuckerberg on Privacy

With Place, you can tag photos and even check your own friends in, by tagging them in a photo or status update“.

Please think about it…

Looking forward to your comments down below…

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2 responses to “Facebook’s New “Check-In” Service: An Illusion of Utopia?”

  1. Amer Kawar says:

    But this Utopia issue is a state of mind. Think of photographs with people fake “say cheese” smiling. The story telling delivers the emotions. The smile is a part of the photo-taking process.

    So, not sure I agree with your argument, although I find it terribly creepy. I think I just prefer my camera with GPS, not my Facebook, Twitter, Latitude and who knows what!

  2. Mike Handy says:

    Of course he doesn't believe in it! The only reason the network was ever closed in the first place was to protect the network from becoming the next myspace.

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