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With more than 3 million iPads finding their way into consumer hands, the iPad has comfortably found a place for itself in the musical chairs game of consumer electronics. The way fans and consumers have reacted to the iPad defied critics who proclaimed that the device didn’t fill a need, and it is “simply an over sized iPod that could double as a colored Kindle“. While that view is absolutely true, the iPad proved that in the eyes of the consumer, Apple can do no wrong and they would sacrifice a limb to get their hands on the latest Apple gadget even if doesn’t even work as is the case with the latest iPhone.

But rejoice iPad fans for your latest exercise in consumerism might actually get a purpose soon…

Flipbook, your social media magazine

For the half-empty crowd, Flipbook is yet another Social media client that integrates a news aggregator as well, for everyone else, it is nothing short of a revolution in the representation of social media.

Flipboard takes your Facebook,Twitter and RSS feeds and puts them in a simple, slick and easy to read format that is similar to a magazine, or if you’re not a social media junkie, you can select to read from one from over two dozen preconfigured categories that are automatically populated by various Twitter lists and established sites, like the Onion and Boing Boing, that cover categories from photography and health to technology and food.

What Flipbook excels at is making your Facebook and Twitter friends content appear remarkable by taking various media and information and bringing them together in a holistic experience.

A killer App or the latest Gimmick

What We Like

  • The visuals; one of the major draws of the app is that it makes content consumption delectable, whether it’s pulling media into the shared content or formatting the weekend’s little league into an elegant photo album or the cresting of the pages when swipe flipped the app is simply pretty.
  • Attention to details; if you squint you might forget that you are holding an iPad, the interaction designs is intuitive and natural and makes it feel like the electronic magazines people dreamed about in the 80’s.

What We Would Like to See

  • More integration with Social Media: currently users are unable to post new tweets or update their status of Facebook or check out the trending topics on Twitter, hopefully in the future there will be more integration for the content producers as well as consumers in social media. And it would be sweet to support Flickr as well.
  • Offline content store: currently the app doesn’t have an offline mode and it would be great to be able to check some of the content and news offline when you are not connected to your Wi-fi or 3G network.
  • Better content: currently you are limited to 9 RSS feeds and the Twitter list search is not facilitated by any service such as Listorious.

You can download the app from the apple store and enjoy it for free.

What do you think of the Flipbook? Would you get an iPad for it? Share with us your thoughts in the comments below.

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18 responses to “Flipbook: The iPad iMagazine”

  1. Beiruta says:

    I have heard so much crap about iPad but this certainly gives it some importance and value! I think I would buy an iPad just to have Flipbook! Thanks for the review and insights :)

  2. That's just an amazing app. That's great when iPad apps can be used not only entertainment but for saving your time as well. I'll definitely install it. Thanks for app review.

  3. Air-max-shop says:

    jiu zui zhi zai huan qian zuo jiu xing huan lai hua xia mian ban zui ban xing ri fu ri hua luo hua kai nian fu nian

  4. Janebush07 says:

    Very nice review… thanks…. I will surely install it…

  5. […] news and keeping up with what is going on in the world is oh so much easier with the Pulse and with Flipbook than it ever was through an RSS […]

  6. […] idea would be to build a Feedly or FlipBook style mix of sources (or even a set of stories from a single source beyond a standard subscription) […]

  7. Apboyce says:

    My iPad is my laptop (with a 12South Compass and a wireless keyboard) – Flipboard is a good app but I’ve only recently installed it and started using it. I use my iPad daily for writing emails, papers (on iwork for the ipad), updating my blogs, websites and general browsing. Oh and watching movies and using it in the kitchen to look up recipes while I’m cooking. Anyway . . . I like it.

  8. Philip says:

    I love it; it takes any news or site feeds you like, and merges them in a newspaper style, so you can quickly browse the “news headlines” and pick an article you like to read. Its so cool!

  9. Thergendel says:

    I love it! But would love to know how to rearrange the items on the page. If there’s a way to arrange them I haven’t found it.

  10. cool man , flipboar looks great

  11. This app is what the iPad is built for.  Excellent.

  12. Henk says:


  13. Henson Stafford says:

    In the past year some apps for ipad are now changing up to present. Many people are not contented from what they have. They developed many apps and stuff for ipad.

    I learn more about this ipad app review so i hope you may learn more too.

  14. Anonymous says:

    FlipBook is great application for iPad. It highlights aware of your Social networking sites advertisers taking various media and information and combine them into one holistic experience.

  15. Sxcraw says:

    In my opinion, Flipboard is THE flag ship application for iPad.

  16. Lau Lepetit says:

    I think its really a brilliant idea

  17. Ned says:

    Amazing. Cool. Makes my iPod2 worthwhile by itself. Not quite sure how to customize, but I love reading magazines and newspapers from all over the place….

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