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“For users who’ve stumbled upon the viral video campaign from Lionsgate, promoting their latest horror movie The Last Exorcism, what started as a pleasant chat ended very… unexpectedly”. Mashable

Campaign Idea & Objectives:

The Last Exorcism is an upcoming horror film directed by Daniel Stamm. It stars Patrick Fabian, Iris Bahr and Louis Herthum.

The film is told from the perspective of a disillusioned evangelical minister, who after years of performing exorcisms decides to participate in a documentary chronicling his last exorcism while exposing the fraud of his ministry. After receiving a letter from a farmer asking for help in driving out the devil, he meets the farmer’s afflicted daughter. The tagline and premise of the movie is “If you believe in God, then you must believe in the Devil.” The film itself is presented as “found footage”.

The Last Exorcism

Lionsgate brilliantly decided to use the infamous Chatroulette and the movie’s lead actress, to promote this upcoming movie taking the power of social media into account.

Although it seems that they are just having a bit of fun with this, they were able to scare many people with this hilarious prank.

Buzz Generated:

Currently, there are about 2 million views on the prank’s Youtube video. This number was attained in the first week of the release of the clip. The number of views is constantly going up and the visits to the movie’s website are on the rise as well!

Opinion & Lessons Learned:

I am a great fan of horror movies: When I was 14, I used to wait for everyone to go to sleep, put the lights off and scare myself half to death watching all types of scary movies. I sometimes still do it! Therefore, I think it’s safe for me to say that the genre of the movie was enough for me to get interested.

The Last Exorcism - Another Creepy Poster!

However, and since horror movies are now plenty and imdb reviews may not be enough to attract large audience and seduce them into watching a movie like this one, I think this prank campaign is both smart and enjoyable!

So, what can we learn from this campaign?

  • In a competitive market, you must shine through: Hundreds of movies are released each month by different production houses, many of them go unnoticed. Due to this movie clutter, you need to find a way to capture your audience’s attention and stand out amongst competing movies.
  • Never underestimate the power of a good laugh… or a good scare! It is only human nature that we tend to be attracted to what makes us laugh or what scares us. Using these two appeals to get your audience interested is a great plan.
  • Simple sells: In the older days, we used to use the phrase “sex sells” due to the great power of sex in getting people interested in what you have to offer. Those days will never be gone, however, they are also competing with the power of simplicity especially that people have developed a short attention span.

Finally, I would like to ask you a few questions: Have you seen this clip before? Did it entice you to wait for the movie? Can you think of different, smarter or better ideas to promote such movies?

Looking forward to your feedback and comments down below…

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6 responses to “HEARTSTOPPER: The Last Exorcism — Learn SM By Example”

  1. Jeff Emmerson says:

    Can't wait to see it Friday!

    – Jeff Emmerson

  2. Beiruta says:

    Me too! I'm so excited!

  3. PatPro says:

    I am going to this movie soon as well. Hope it is as good as all the hype.

    Patrick Propst

  4. M.Bamieh says:

    thats a really fun way to promote for the movie, hope that it'll be a good scare

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  6. Believing in God means believing in the existence of the devil.

    Spanish exorcist Fr. Jose Antonio Fortea Cucurull stated in an interview recently that though Satan does indeed exist, he does not have “horns, wings or a tail.”

    Read this milestone book on demonology and diabolic possession by Fr. Gabriele Amorth, Rome's chief exorcist – An Exorcist Tells His Story

    Fr. Gabriele Amorth is also the honorary life president of the International Association of Exorcists, which he founded.

    Watch this ABC News' 20/20 documentary showing a real exorcism.

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