HOW TO: Make Money Online (the non-spammy way!)

“Do you want to earn some EXTRA cash?”

Have you seen those ads before?!

The first instinct for any decent netizen who sees something along those lines to quickly dismiss it as either a phishing attempt or scam that will 0nly bring trouble.  But does that mean that the only way to make money online is through scamming and cheating?

We’ll be sharing some cool new ways to earn money on the web. In the past, businesses used to rely on outsourcing, where they used to give the job to someone in India or China to do it since it was simple enough. However, nowadays they are moving more and more into crowdsourcing. Crowdsourcing is basically the act of giving the job to anyone out there on the web to do it, sometimes for free and other times for a fee depending on the service.

So the marriage of social media and jobs allowed for the creation of some interesting opportunity to earn a good buck if you have a certain skill set.

If you are a video maker

You can go to Current.TV and participate in their create an ad campaign contest. If the ad that you create gets picked up by their sponsors, then you will get paid $2,500. Learn more about this over here.

Viewer Created Ad Message

If you are a blogger

Warning: Bloggers have it tough because their credibility is their only currency and getting paid for blogging erodes it so beware!

Bloggers have some options to make money online and they usually involve some selling out, but for the sake of money, it should be okay. If you are looking to create a buzz and a presence for your name, the Blog Burst service will syndicate your feed to some very high-profile websites including the Washington Post, the San Francisco Chronicle and many others and they might pay you for it but there are 2 catches to this service. First, they include the entire post so you aren’t likely to get the bigger exposure to translate to more traffic to your website. Secondly, it involves granting them the right to do whatever they want with the content. To learn more about Blog burst check here and here.

Another option is a review services such as ReviewMe. They will pay you to post some positive reviews of products, services and whatever else their clients want to promote and talk about. The reviews don’t have to be positive and the advertisers will be paying per post based on your authority on Technorati, Alexa and number of feed subscribers. Go here and here to learn more about the service.

If you are a designer

Logo Design Contests by Hatchwise

Designers have it sweet; their culture already accepts freelancing and actually encourages it.

Sites like 99 Designs and Hatch Wise create communities of freelance designers and copy writers who compete in various design contests that range from website to logo and corporate identity design and the best design wins the prize. They have established a very vibrant and efficient market for procuring design and a comfortable platform for freelance designer to earn their pay, for God knows how much a freelance designer has to spend chasing down their clients to pay them their dues. To learn more about crowdsourcing design options check this post.

So what’s the verdict …

It is ironic that professional techies are the first to look down on making money online, whether its designers getting pissed off at how crowdsourcing design lowers the bottom-line for both design and their profits or for bloggers who see their integrity compromised for getting paid to review certain products. The thing that those professional techies fail to appreciate is that the target market is different than their market and they should not feel threatened.

They are reacting the same way that the RIAA when they should be reacting the way the Fashion industry does, you don’t hear about Louis Vuitton filing charges and holding raids against street sellers in Times Square because it realizes that they are not selling to their customers. A person buying a fake LV will not go and buy a real one regardless of the circumstances and the same applies to a customer looking for a crowdsourced design and never consider going for a full fledged design company until he truly can afford it and need it.

What do you think of this post? Do you know of any other methods of making money online? Share with us your thoughts in our comment section.

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6 responses to “HOW TO: Make Money Online (the non-spammy way!)”

  1. Amer Kawar says:

    Well, as long as it's not the “become one of our smart-spamming-bots” schemes, it should be fine. Oh, or one of those “I am looking for an employee to transfer $100,000 to his account and collect them at a later date. You can keep 15% of that for your help”… money laundry anyone?

    Some other sites pop to mind as well: has many jobs from PHP development to design to virtual assistant positions.
    – Amazon's Mechanical Turk ( has many jobs mainly for unskilled labor, like extract the dates from these sentences for 1 cent a hit, or transliterate these 5 minutes of audio for $2.

    Great post!

  2. Beiruta says:

    Aha! Got you Bambam! You added “the non-spammy way” part to the title after I replied to your comment on my last post about making money online :P Good work!

  3. Very useful tips, will check into Blog Burst, thanks!

  4. Jamie says:

    If your are a graphic designer and want to try a new, fresh way of earning money and are tired of refunds from design contests sites then try:

  5. make money says:

    graphic desingning earning is so much fast in those days and what are the reasons behind it …..

  6. Arun Cbaby says:

    thanks…am a online job seeker and i lost my money and time with this…the post is realley informative thanks for posting.
    this website may help to find legitimate online jobs

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