Interesting Facts about Facebook [Infograph]

I was browsing the net for some interesting facts about Facebook to include in a presentation that I was preparing the other day and I thought of sharing some of this information.

50 Facebook Facts created a list of 50 interesting facts about Facebook that I found really helpful, and the good part about the list is that it’s referenced; so you can quote with confidence.

The average Facebook user has 130 friends and sends eight friend requests per month.


In 2008, a 23-year-old woman named Lauren Michaels created a group titled “I Need Sex” on Facebook. Within 10 minutes, she had 35 members and soon attracted 100—50 of whom she eventually slept with. Facebook has since removed her page.


A 20-year-old IBM employee in Canada lost sick leave benefits from her insurer because her Facebook page showed “cheerful” photos while she was on paid sick leave for depression.


In Australia it is valid protocol to serve court notices to defendants on Facebook. A summons posted on Facebook is legally binding

Check out the full list of 50 Facebook facts article here.

Interesting infograph

I though that is all very interesting and I started looking for visuals to tie in the facts and found this very interesting infograph as well. There was the infograph we published on Thoughtpick a few months ago, and that one:

Facebook Facts Infograph - Source:

Facebook Facts Infograph - Source:

What’s your favorite tidbit about Facebook? Let us hear your thoughts.

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