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NHS Blood and Transplant helps save thousands of lives every year.

Each year, around 3,000 people in the UK benefit from an organ transplant. But more than 9,000 people currently need a transplant to save or dramatically improve their lives. Sadly, around 1,000 die each year before a suitable donated organ becomes available.

Idea & Objectives:

Organ Donation Logo

Organ Donation Logo

As one of the three arms of NHSBT, ODT’s key role is to ensure that organs donated for transplant are matched and allocated to patients in a fair and unbiased way. Matching, particularly in the case of kidneys, is so important that donation and allocation needs to be organized nationally. The larger the pool of organs, the better the likelihood there is of a good match.

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: 5/5
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: 4/5

Interesting Facts about Facebook [Infograph]

I was browsing the net for some interesting facts about Facebook to include in a presentation that I was preparing the other day and I thought of sharing some of this information.

50 Facebook Facts

RandomHistory.com created a list of 50 interesting facts about Facebook that I found really helpful, and the good part about the list is that it’s referenced; so you can quote with confidence.

The average Facebook user has 130 friends and sends eight friend requests per month.


In 2008, a 23-year-old woman named Lauren Michaels created a group titled “I Need Sex” on Facebook. Within 10 minutes, she had 35 members and soon attracted 100—50 of whom she eventually slept with. Facebook has since removed her page.


A 20-year-old IBM employee in Canada lost sick leave benefits from her insurer because her Facebook page showed “cheerful” photos while she was on paid sick leave for depression.


In Australia it is valid protocol to serve court notices to defendants on Facebook. A summons posted on Facebook is legally binding

Facebook Addiction Clinics to Open in the US… Rumor?

As if it wasn’t bad enough that Internet users were becoming so hopelessly addicted to the Internet in general, pop goes the weasel; Facebook! Facebook discretely takes over your life and alienates you from society. Some people really need therapy!

Flipbook: The iPad iMagazine

With more than 3 million iPads finding their hands into consumer hands, it had comfortably found a place for itself in the musical chairs game of consumer electronics. The way fans and consumers have reacted to the iPad defied critics who proclaimed that the device didn’t fill a need, and it is simply an over sized iPod that could double as a colored Kindle. While that view is absolutely true, the iPad proved that in the eyes of the consumer Apple can do no wrong and they would sacrifice a limb to get their hands on the latest Apple gadget even if doesn’t even work as is the case with the latest iPhone.

15 Top Social Media Jokes, Clips & Cartoons July 2010

15 Top Social Media Jokes, Clips & Cartoons July 2010

We are back with more hilarious jokes, clips and cartoons to bring a smile to your face and brighten up your day! Therefore, we would like to invite you to enjoy our tenth fun collection of social media and networking related cartoons, jokes and clips!

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