Post-Off: 5 More Types of Facebook Friends!

A couple of weeks ago, we published a post entitled: The 5 Types of Facebook Friends… Which one are you? The post was written by a fellow writer and it was both fun, entertaining and able to depict the reality of Facebook users.

When I read that post, I got inspired! Since I have been a Facebook user for a long time, I figured that I should also write a post, based on my experience, about more types of Facebook friends, as a post off! Here it goes:

Facebook Friends

5 More Types of Facebook Friends…

1. The “Never Was/Be” Friend

This is probably someone random who was with you at university or school and you haven’t been in touch with for ages! You added them a few years after you graduated and started using Facebook and never got around to removing them off your list or really getting to know them better.

2. The “Look at My Life” Friend

These is often the people who you have known for so long and although you never see, call, message or e-mail them, you know almost everything about their lives since all they do on Facebook is share pictures and stories. These types of friends like to boast about every little thing they do, what they wear, where they go and so on. You would know when a female’s friend will have birth before she does!

3. The “Invite” Friend

Although this “friend” has a scarce presence in terms of photos, videos and messages, this is the type of friend who always floods you with invites! Whether to play a game, attend an event, fan a group or even join a cause, this person’s name is always the one you see every time you check you Facebook notifications… Annoying!

4. The “Miserable” Friend

Whenever you get the list of new updates from your friends, this one friend in particular has something or another to whine about. Whether it was the weather, the food at a certain restaurant, a stabbing friend or just the world, you always feel that this is the day that person is going to commit suicide!

Tag Me, Tag Me Not

5. The “Tagger” Friend

Regardless of how strong or weak your relationship is, this friend is always tagging you in random pictures and images along with another 30 or more friends! You never hear the end of it since every time one of those tagged people comments, you get a notification!

Do any of your social media friends fall into any of the categories? Are there any other archetypes that you would like to add? Which type of Facebook friends are YOU?

Share with us your comments down below…

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2 responses to “Post-Off: 5 More Types of Facebook Friends!”

  1. Beiruta says:

    I hope none of my Facebook friends consider me one of those types! :P

  2. M.Bamieh says:

    Good list, its almost as good as mine :P
    The tagger friend is one of the most annoying! it's a pain to untag yourself everytime.

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