10 Tips for Finalizing Your Breakup on Facebook!

Whether you think your breakup was a piece of cake, a nightmare or civilized yet utterly painful, you still have more things to worry about: finalizing your break up online!

Twitter, MySpace and LinkedIn are easy to manage, you simply remove your ex from your list and he or she will vanish from your account. However, when it comes to Facebook, you have serious work to do!

Therefore, in efforts to help you finalize your breakup on Facebook, here is a list of 10 things you need to do:

1. Make sure you remove your ex from your friend list:

Although some might not agree, keeping your ex as a Facebook “friend” both complicates things and adds time to your grieving period. I know people who broke up with their exes and spent weeks after stalking their every move to see how long it would take them to begin a new relationship!

2. Get rid of the free “private” gifts:

Teddy bears, roses and chocolates are easy so easy to remember to get rid of in real life. However, people tend to forget about them on Facebook. And right there, at the left hand side of your profile, the gift you received from your ex on that special day will keep popping up and reminding you of what was there!

3. Remove the nicknames your ex chose for you:

Nicknames are a tricky business. Regardless of how you might feel about them, your potential girlfriend will not really appreciate the fact that you are still keeping the cute name you ex used to call you right there on your profile for everyone to see!

Some of my Facebook nicknames!

4. Wall posts, wall posts, wall posts!

I know this guy who regularly changes girlfriends, just like he changes his cars! His wall posts are swamped with messages of “I love you” and “I miss you” from every other girl he ever dated. I think it is wiser to remove those posts for a bunch of reasons: 1) not to freak out potentials, 2) not to hurt exes and 3) to avoid redundancy!

5. Profile pictures can tell a thousand words:

For your own piece of mind, try to remove the photos you have with your ex just as soon as your relationship ends. Keeping the pictures of the times you had together safe on your laptop is forgivable to a certain extent but keeping them for others to see is kind of mean and messes with your ex’s privacy… big time!

6. Photo tags: A pain in the a**!

Remember that time you and your boyfriend went out hiking? He took great photos and he tagged you in all of them. Make sure you remove those tagged photos of you to avoid questioning later on and also to give yourself room to forget and move on!

7. Comments are forever:

Comments are forever!

Before Facebook, diamonds were forever. Now, and since Facebook saves every little thing you do, comments are, if not taken care of, forever! I have comments on my pictures from friends I lost a long the way which still hurt me when I come across them. Imagine how it would have been if they were from an ex!

8. Be ware of “notes“!

Whether it is something you wrote about your ex, or something he wrote about you, the notes application has the power to make you live your pain over and over again. My blog has the same effect on me!

9. Your relationship status matters.

In a perfect world, no one would take your relationship status would not count. In that world, people would know what is going on with you through gatherings and face-to-face communication. In Facebook world, things are different and your relationship status makes a difference to many of your stalkers out there. So be sure to keep it in tune with your current status!

10. Keep an eye out for other loose ends:

There is always one thing or another that you might have forgotten to change, remove or modify on your Facebook profile so always jeep an eye out for those.

P.S: My estimated time for total cleanup may vary between 1 month to a year depending on your Facebook usage!

Looking forward to your comments on this post. Don’t hesitate to share more tips you learned from personal experiences!

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3 responses to “10 Tips for Finalizing Your Breakup on Facebook!”

  1. Amer Kawar says:

    For the tags, you can access the privacy settings and set the 'tagged photos' to 'only me'. This way only you can see your tagged photos.

  2. M.Bamieh says:

    ehh isn't it easier to just ignore it and move on, and better keep him on your friend list just to keep an eye if he's going to wrong you in the few months after the breakup.
    Ps. that wall post is nauseating it should be illegal to see such things this early in the morning

  3. […] not only do you have to change your home and adjust to your new settings, you also need to finalize the relationship online: removing pictures, comments and so […]

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