Facebook & Twitter Stalking: Court Orders May Apply!

You think life could never get more complicated then you read a news headline that goes something like this: Stalkers could be banned from Facebook and Twitter in major crackdown on harassment. In other words, there are talks about applying certain existing laws to limit stalkers from targeting their victims through social networking sites.

The Threat is Huge!

“Stalking is pernicious and can affect anyone regardless of their walk of life. It has a devastating impact on the lives of those who become victims.” Nazir Afzal, the CPS community liaison director responsible for stalking and harassment crimes.

Apparently, and after the many threats which seem to be brought to us by social media, someone put there foot down and said: The law must be applied to those virtual yet living networks! Prosecutors should issue restraining orders that “meet the particular risks presented in each case” and there “should not be a repetition of routine clauses”.

“Prosecutors must now look at the bigger picture when dealing with these cases because we know that treating incidents of stalking as isolated belies the full impact on the victim and the criminal behavior of the perpetrator”.

The Restrictions:

Restrictions could include orders “not to display any material relating to victims on social networking sites including YouTube, Facebook and Twitter”. Read more here

What do you think: Do you agree with this step or do you think it’s an extreme move?

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3 responses to “Facebook & Twitter Stalking: Court Orders May Apply!”

  1. Er says:

    I agree on this.. because someone is STALKING at me and threatens me online.

  2. M.Bamieh says:

    so they would limit them from coming closer than 10 ip's to the user? Stalking online should be a private, per service issue not a public one. Hence this is just for the trigger happy lawyers

  3. Artsie_ladie says:

    My stalker is right on Facebook, but then he is EVERYWHERE I am on the Internet. He tracks me everywhere, logs in to my online accounts as me, including Facebook. But he's a lot more than 'just' an online stalker. He has my computer under his control. EVERYTHING I type on it, including passwords, he has as well. Going to the police, the FBI, the National Center for Crime Victims, etc., has not helped for I'm basically told to get rid of all my online accounts and get new and/or stay offline period. Getting new accounts won't be beneficial, because he'll have the passwords to the new accounts as well, because he is keylogging me. A person at the Center for Crime Victims in so much as told me that because I was still online, then I was in fact asking for it. If I didn't like it done to me, then I would just get off and stay off line. But online is where my work is. As far as getting any support whatsoever or help with this problem has been virtually non-existent. He has smeared my name all across the Internet, has threatened to do this permanently, IF I decide to tell my side of the story. He even threatened to have the authorities called on me. The big problem here, is that he lives in another country. He blocked me on Facebook, because he knew if “he blocked me” then I could “not block him”. Somehow this seems like a bit unfair with Facebook. I should be able to block him! Oh well, I'm probably just talking to the wind here as usual. We victims should be able to have something placed on our computers to be able to catch stalkers as we should also be able to have something to hide our identity when online. My stalker spoofs his identity all the time, not only with computers, but also with the telephone system. This has only been going on for over 3 years now and so it continues… and he is reading everything I'm writing right here and now as well!

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