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Today’s episode of “Learn Social Media by Example” is a little bit different: It does not tackle a full fledged campaign and yet it has an unexpected twist!

Jimmy Fallon: Getting Ready for the Show!

Idea & Objectives:

Why stick to the old methods of advertising TV shows when you could use social media to do the rough work for you? I am sure someone at NBC.com thought about this and came up with the following plan: Integrate Twitter in a TV show and get the word out through buzzing tweeps!

A few weeks ago, the Jimmy Fallon Twitter Hashtag Game was about the audience’s parents and in the form of a simple question: “Are your parents weird, and if so, why? Tweet your answers and mark them with #myparentsareweird!

Another game was: Jimmy Reads Your #ThereShouldBeaLaw Tweets, Plus Our Honorable Mentions!

Even the Emmy Awards got a Twitter hashtag game:

Jimmy Fallon's Twitter Emmy Awards

From NBC: This year, Twitter will be playing an integral role in the program, since intros for several presenters, including Jon Hamm (of ‘Mad Men’) and Tina Fey, are being sourced from Twitter submissions.

Buzz Generated:

Not only are the Twitter accounts rising by day with more than 2,781,188 on Jimmy Fallon’s TV show account and around 37,630 on Jimmy’s private account, better yet, the conversation is active, fun and continuous!


Lessons Learned:

By now, I think we have established the importance of social media and its ability to change our perspectives and redirect our train of thoughts. Think about it: Jimmy Fallon’s show could have been viewed as “something old people would watch” or “dull and boring“. However, the use of social media is able to modernize the show and make its audience see how hip and up-to-date it can be, thus expanding reach and attracting more viewers!

So what can we learn from Mr. Jimmy’s show?

  • Never underestimate the potential of using social media in mini campaigns or campaign-like promotions. Social media has a wide range which will help you gain more loyal customers and tap into new markets.
  • One social media channel used effectively could be all the marketing you need. In this case, twitter’s hashtags were used to attract people to watch the show and in turn participate on Twitter and the opposite applies.
  • Even media giants, such as Lionsgate and MTV, are using social media, so why don’t you?

To wrap up: Have you heard of this mini campaign before? Does it encourage you to watch the show? What do you think could be missing in it?

Looking forward to your comments down below…

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3 responses to “Jimmy Fallon’s Twitter Hashtag Game — Learn Social Media By Example”

  1. M.Bamieh says:

    It's great that the audience is getting more and more opportunities to interact with their favorite shows… on the other hand the less i hear about jimmy the better, the show and presenter are both beyond annoying, the last thing funny this guy did was playing himself against the rock in an SNL skit

  2. […] periodo: già la trasmissione di Jimmy Fallon sulla NBC aveva integrato al programma televisivo un hastag game con cui il pubblico poteva divertirsi da casa interagendo con il format. Più recentemente è stato […]

  3. Pookamaki says:

    I never heard of Fallon til this past summer. He is amazing, super funny and talented. I always look forward to his show!

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