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What is it about?

Every teen queen knows that a bountiful trip to the mall is never complete until you get to show off your ‘Haul’ to your BFF. But now, with social media, you can have a much bigger stage to show off on! In essence, that’s what a Haul Video is all about.

But this is not all, the Haul video seamlessly ties in micro-reviews, clues about what’s trending for the new season, tips and hints on where to shop, and how to get the best deals. Those teen queens are becoming the definition of shopping porn, there are thousands of ‘haul’ videos on Youtube with several that have more than a million views.

The Marketing Tie-in

The phenomenon has caught the eye of various retail businesses and they have started sponsoring those shopping fashionistas. Retailers from JC Penney to Forever 21 and many others are offering those tweens coupons, gift certificates and products for them to review.

Here we have a bunch of girls pandering about, screaming “how cute!” your products are. The homey girl-to-girl format of the video gives it more cred and their popularity translates in sales for the retailer. This relationship between the vloggers and retailers is such a natural and snuggly fit. That, some might say, it’s a marketer’s wet dream!

Given the juiciness of the prospect, marketers are handling it in various ways. Some are absorbing the trend and making it their own, for instance JC Penny is planning on making some Haul videos of their own and making it part of their back-to-school campaign and posting them on their Facebook and website. Others are linking through Facebook and Twitter to Hauls that have been posted about their products and stores some of which they have sponsored. While a third group, like Forever 21, are in talks with some super-star vloggers to get into a partnership of some form.

The Buzz In Numbers

As a example let us look at a couple of the biggest stars in the ‘Haul’ Video phenomena, Sisters Elle Fowler, 21, and Blair Fowler, 16, from Tennessee.

juicystar07 aka Blai Fowler

Total Video Upload Views: 78,000,000+ Views

Twitter: 130,000+ followers

Facebook: 32,000+ Fans

AllThatGlitters21 aka Elle Flowers

Total Video Upload Views: 46,000,000+ Views

Twitter: 80,000+ followers

Facebook: 20,000+ Fans

The numbers truly speak for themselves, and those numbers translate into actual sales. 24 hours of posting a review of a watch they have bought, the retailer sold out of the watch in all colors and their website crashed due to the traffic that those 2 girls generated. So those girls embody the definition of what buzz is.

What the future holds for Haul Video

The trend is certainly growing and with the going back-to-school season in full bloom it will surely be a test to see how influential ‘Haul’ videos are in attracting the consumers back to spend their hard earned bucks at the retailers. But there are a few certain things that need to be noted about the ‘Haul’ Video phenomenon;

  • It is all about trust. Viewers need to trust the vloggers and not view them as paid ads, so retailers need to be very careful about how they approach paid or sponsored ‘haul’ videos.
  • The teenage mind is fickle. What is hot one minute is totally passe the next, so retailers and marketing teams should capitalize on the hype but not to over invest in it.
  • It’s the privacy and the allure of the underground. Tweens mistrust the adults and like to create their own little underground world and lingo and one of the elements that make the haul videos alluring is that they are part of the underground. So don’t force them into the mainstream like JCP did and keep them in their natural habitat.

Have you heard of ‘Haul’ videos before? What do you think of them? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

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3 responses to “The ‘Haul’ Video — Learn Social Media by Example”

  1. Beiruta says:

    Never heard of these videos before! I think teens love them, other than that they are not that exciting or interesting! Great way to market products though!

  2. John McGrann says:

    I haven't heard of 'haul' videos before. Probably because it is focused on shopping malls :-)
    Powerful stuff though.
    Trust is the key and the good thing avout video you can sense if the subject is telling the truth wholly or partly or not at all.
    Maybe I could do it for bars …:-)

  3. M.Bamieh says:

    Hmm actually if you are gonna market for guys it should be car accessories and bars ;)

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