“Twitter: The Movie”… Are You Kidding Me?

Once you think: “This can’t get any weirder!“, you find out that you were totally wrong!

With Facebook’s “The Social Network” trailer becoming a hugely viral hit, it seems to make sense that real social networks would become breeding grounds for trailer spoofs. The latest: “Twitter: The Movie.”

Simply put, this new movie will be starring you and the Twitter community, blending you both into reality. Its production has already started and the fans are looking forward to see the outcome!

What Makes this Movie Unique?

  • All participants must be Twitter users!
  • A percentage of the movie’s proceeds will go to various Twitter charities.
  • Everyone who has a video that’s in the movie will be eligible for $500 or an Ipad!

“One might suppose that Twitter and applications like it are opening the door to a type of revolution that has never before been possible, creating a new reality never before achievable.” ~Urgo Diamu

What do you think: Are you eager to watch this movie? Do you think it will be any good? And in your opinion, what other social networking sites should follow in Twitter and Facebook’s footsteps?

Looking forward to your feedback below…

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One response to ““Twitter: The Movie”… Are You Kidding Me?”

  1. M.Bamieh says:

    1st person accounts without any 3rd party analysis are usually pointless … so this movie will be pointless but it's only another drop in an ocean of stupid movies released weekly

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