20 Top Social Media Jokes, Clips & Cartoons Aug/Sept 2010

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Text Jokes:

  • I really would’ve liked the movie about Facebook a whole lot more if it wasn’t full of Farmville invites! By David Oglesby
  • Facebook cancels its location-sharing service after several people in the Mafia Wars witness protection program get killed. By Chris Martin
  • Capcom is planning to launch a Facebook game in October. It’ll combine the elements of Capcom as well as the elements of Facebook games. They are calling it “Resident E-Ville”. By Alex Schubert
  • Iran is set to release hiker Sara Shourd, jailed for 13 months, for illegaly entering Iran. In related news, she is also suing the hell out of Google Maps. By Israel Carrasco
  • I know a guy who has the unfortunate name of Bing Google…………….. and he wonders why he’s constantly being searched! By Hunter Downs
  • Harrisburg University of Science and Technology will enforce a campus-wide social media blackout — no Facebook, no Twitter, no instant messaging — nothing. Sounds interesting; wonder how they’re going to notify the students? By George Emil

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