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HOW TO: Backup Your Facebook Account

Facebook plays a central part in the lives of the majority of its 500 million users and it is certainly a content rich site. People upload photos, conversations and connect with friends all over the world. Sometimes, Facebook is the only place that has a copy of a photo, or it’s the only way that you can get in touch with a distant friend. So, naturally, it’s quite devastating to lose your Facebook profile, and it’s quite annoying trying to recreate your Facebook profile from scratch even if you have a copy of everything that is on it.

Giving the current state of Facebook administration and judging by just the number of daily comments we receive from users asking for help with their disabled profile, I felt obliged to write this post as it is the only way that I found to dampen the damage that occurs when the draconian Facebook cops decide to disable a profile.

While FacePAD is very useful in backing-up your photo albums, it is manual intensive and there is so much more to Facebook than photos.

Local Backup

The Plug-in at Work

ArchiveFacebook is a great Firefox plug that helps you to create a copy of your Facebook profile locally on your computer allowing you to access at anytime locally.

Archive Facebook backs up the following information automatically:

After installing the app and restarting your Firefox, you will be able to see the tab “ArchiveFB” on the top of your Firefox browser. Log in to your Facebook account and select “ArchiveFB–>Archive” this will display a warning that the addon will scan your Facebook profile for posts after which it will download them to your computer. This process might take a while depending on how active your are on Facebook but after it’s done your will be able to have a copy of your profile. Just in case.

Two things to pay attention to while using this app: 1) It conflicts with the Scrapbook add-on so you’ll have to disable it before you archive, and 2) you will have to have a Facebook vanity link which you can get from here.

Internet Backup

Cloud Backup Service

The other option is to use Backupify, an online service that helps you backup your social media profiles including Facebook, Twitter and many more. The basic account, which is free, allows you store up to 2GB of data and allows you to connect a single account per service. For better service, you can upgrade your account or get a business account instead of a personal one.

The service will back up your Facebook’s :

After signing up for your Backupify account, you can add your Facebook profile from Settings–>Facebook and allowing it access to your profile data. Now Backupify will automatically create backups of your profile and store it on their servers for your use whenever you please.

A Word of Advice

After hearing about so many deleted profiles, I realized that even a personal Facebook is too precious to not be backed up and I encourage everyone to backup their profiles just in case, because as we have learned that the Facebook cups are trigger happy about disabling profiles and will not allow you to retrieve any of your user data. As for businesses, it is even more imperative for them to backup their profiles and use services such as backupify to secure their information on the cloud.

Did you find this information useful? Have you considered that your Facebook profile might be deleted at any point and without any warning? Share with us your thoughts and concerns in the comment section below.

Posted by on October 22, 2010.

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