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October Is Cancer Awarness Month

It has been a confusing month already and we didn’t even get to Halloween yet! If you are like me, then you must have been confused and raised an eye brow or two after reading one sexually suggestive status updates after the other from your female friends popping on your Facebook feed.  “I like it on the floor next to the bed” said one of them, another said “I like it on the kitchen table“.

So, after asking one of them, it all became clear, they are talking about where they like to put their purses and the racy tones are there to raise awareness for breast cancer research since October is Breast Cancer Awareness month.

What is it about?

Thousands of ladies around the world have participated in the previous viral campaign to raise awareness for breast cancer that started in January of this year, in which they shared with the world their bra color. Now it’s time for something a bit racier, and that’s how the “I Like It…” campaign started off and shortly, it went viral.

The whole objective is that when people see the status they will surely ask its holder for the reason for this sudden candidness, and hence learn about breast cancer through this interaction and in turn raising awareness about it.

How Was It Perceived?

where Do You Like It?

The campaign , which has a mysterious origin, has been received well judging by the number of blog posts and people who participated in it, however, a lot of people have questioned its effectiveness of raising awareness of breast cancer.

While bra colors are related to breast cancer in a way – they hold breasts – it is a lot harder to figure out what do purses have to do with breast cancer. The other thing is that the raciness of the campaign distracts from its purpose, never mind that is invokes the idea that a woman’s best weapon is sex.

Others complained that even after figuring out the purpose of the campaign, no one has managed to learn anything beyond that breast cancer exists, it doesn’t mention anything about testing, there is no information provided about some of the statistics or how serious it is, making the entire campaign just a buzz balloon without any substantial content.

Whether you think it was effective in educating the masses about breast cancer or not, one thing is for sure: it has created a buzz and will surely be beneficial to raising awareness. Almost every blog or news report that covered the campaign linked to charity related to the cause, and encouraged people to donate to it. In that spirit, I encourage everyone to donate to breast cancer research organizations such as the Susan Komen for the Cure to help fight the illness.

How do you feel about the campaign? Do you think such campaigns can be effective or are they just tools to make the people who participate in them just feel better about themselves? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

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3 responses to ““I Like It On…” Campaign — Learn Social Media by Example”

  1. Beiruta says:

    I like the viral and social elements in this campaign. However, I totally agree that more information about breast cancer, how to avoid it and how to treat it should be given. Also, the link between the campaign and breast cancer should be made clearer.

  2. M.Bamieh says:

    True a link has been made but lets hope they don't do it again because it will certainly be stale

  3. […] Now, regular usages for Facebook usually involve networking with friends, stalking ex’s and sharing pictures but you can add curing cancer to them. Nicola, a nurse from the UK, was browsing the pictures of her friends two year old daughter and noticed something off about the little girl’s picture. She had a white pupil instead of the usual red eye in one of her pictures which is indicative of eye cancer, so she informed her friend of her concern and it was found that the child had a rare type of eye cancer and if it was not diagnosed it would have endangered the life of the little girl. As an added bonus, now everyone around the world knows how to diagnose this rare type of eye cancer helping to raise more awareness than a million “I like it on” campaigns. […]

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