Trick or Treat Going Social [Tricks Inside!]

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays of the year: What other holiday are you encouraged to be stupid and stuff yourself silly – well other than that ‘thing’ in the last week of June and St. Patrick’s day… which makes up my top 3. Year after year, Halloween has been getting more and more social. Nowadays, bosses can even fire their employees that call in sick after a rough Halloween party with the help of social media. So, here on the Thoughtpick Blog, we have created a list of the best ways you can celebrate Halloween via social media.

Dress Up as A Social Media Icon

A really fun way to bring social media into Halloween is to dress up as a Social Media Icon. Some past favorites include the fail whale, the Facebook page, and the iPhone.

Dress Up!

Some of this year’s favorites for being the greatest social media costumes are; Justin Beiber, the Old Spice Guy, and the Bed Intruder. Mashable is even having a contest for the best Social Media costume with a grand prize of $400!

Decorate With a Social Media Jack-o’-lantern

Impressive Art!

It can be an awesome display of your geekiness and artistic skills to put out a carved pumpkin like portraying the Fail Whale or Digg, and certainly will be a beacon to the geeky kids of the neighborhood to come trick and treat at your house because it’s a geek friendly house.

For some inspiration make sure to check out this post about some of the best carvings of last year.

Go On a Haunted SCVNGR Hunt


If you are in Atlanta, GA you can go on this SCVNGR trek and visit the cities most popular haunted sites and earn points for the chance of winning ‘Big-Boo’ T-shirt. Or, you can create a trek for your own city so that people will enjoy the season by discovering the haunted traditions of the past.

Make your Facebook Howl

Add a bit of Halloween spirit to your Facebook profile page and scare your friends away -literally sometimes – by adding a Facebook Halloween app, just be sure to remove it immediately after for if there is a sin greater than wearing white after labor day it would be stale Halloween decorations. You can choose from sending Halloween cards to your Friends, defacing their profile pics, scaring them with Halloween quotes, or creating your own virtual pumpkin carving.

#trick or #treat


Every year, Twitter has some special event for Halloween. A couple of years ago, they enabled a bunch of Halloween Twitter Keys and last year, if you tweeted #trick or #treat from your main page on, it would have given you a new scary wall paper and changed people’s avatars into zombies! So be on the look out for their yearly Halloween event. But just to get you in the mood for the season, you can change your Twitter background with one of those awesomely scary backgrounds.

Decorate Your Blog

You can switch your social media share icons with one more fitting for the Halloween season. You can go with Pumpkins, Bats, or a fully decked out social media in a Halloween costume set. You check out more icons over here.


How will you celebrate your Halloween this year? Share with us your thoughts in our comment section below.

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  1. Beiruta says:

    Love the theme of this post and love the ideas you have shared :) Happy Halloween :)

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