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: Nov 26th 2010

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Black Friday is a shopaholics’ crack cocaine, it’s the one day that people don’t need to make spurious excuses for why they need to buy an item, they just do. The name comes from the accounting practice of marking off profits with black ink, and the Friday following Thanksgiving marked the first day that retailers traditionally went into “black”.

This year, social media has forced marketers to change their game plans, while they traditionally were tight lipped about their offers, now they are trying to create buzz among consumers and trying to out-do the competition by carrying on a successful social media campaign that will help them attract more than their share of an expected 138 million shoppers that will hit stores this Friday.

Location Based Offers

Sports Authority's Campaign

There are several shops that are creating offers and promotions and campaigns centered around users checking-in to their stores on Black Friday. Sports authority is offering a $500 gift card to people who check-in to their stores on Foursquare and post it on Twitter, 20 people will be randomly picked and when a winner is selected a store manager will announce his name over the intercom system. They are also using their Facebook and Twitter accounts to promote for this campaign.

They are not the only ones offering promotions through Foursqauare; JCPenny is offering $10 for anyone who checks in using the service, while Hess gas stations are offering a Frito lays bag and a bottle of Brisk iced tea for $1.99 and a chance to enter the draw for a year of free gas and Brisk.

Other retailers like Target, Best Buy and Wal-mart joined with Whirrl to create ‘Holiday Deals Society’ besides location based offers by the 3 retailers the group aims at creating a space where shoppers can talk about great Holiday deals that they have found on the market and non necessarily at those 3 retailers.

Youtube, Apps and Beyond

Target certainly has one of the most coherent campaigns this Black Friday. Along their Facebook promotions they are utilizing small promotional videos featuring a psychotic perfectionist who gives shoppers tips on how to get the best deals this shopping season.

And they didn’t stop at that but they also created a hilarious Twitter account for her which is being met with a lot of love by people on Twitter and Facebook. Also they have created a Facebook and Twitter tie-ins in which users are encouraged to ‘like‘ or retweet “I entered the Friday sweepstakes for a chance to win a $25 gift card! @Target #blackfriday:“.

Walmart took a different approach to Youtube promotion, their ads have been leaked almost a week ahead of Friday and have already been aggregated in sever websites that track Black Friday offersLowe’s on the other hand is utilizing Facebook’s paid-search and display ads to promote their offerings, which they will announce Friday on Facebook .

Another element that is coming into play this year is Blackberry and iPhone apps, Toys “R” Us launched their mobile shopping app for Blackberry and iPhone which will feature their promotions and offers along shopping tips and items availability. Another app that will surely be a hit is the Black Friday iPhone/Android application which will notify its users of various Black Friday deals and will switch to Cyber Monday deals afterward. Yahoo!Shoppping also released their own App that will allow users to scan item’s SKU codes and compare in-store prices with online ones.

Whatever deal you opt for, or not, one thing has certainly changed forever. We no longer have to wait patiently for fliers to announce Black Friday deals, now we have up to a week in advance to draw up our battle plans for that fateful day!

Will you be shopping on Black Friday? Will you use social media to find and share deals? Share with us your thoughts in the comment section below.

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