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350 parts per million of CO2 in the atmosphere is what scientist believe to be the safe limit for humanity. The amount of carbon dioxide currently in the atmosphere of earth is 388 ppm. is an international campaign that was established with the aim of mobilizing a grassroots movement focusing on creating solutions for climate change problems and pressuring the leaders to mobilize their efforts to solve the environmental crisis that we are currently facing.

In October of last year, they successfully coordinated 5,200 simultaneous rallies and demonstrations in 181 countries, which was described by CNN as the “most widespread day of political action in the planet’s history”. In October 2010, they set their goals higher in organizing a“Global Work Party”, a day were individuals demonstrate their actions and solutions to environmental problems sending a strong message to their leaders that “If we can get to work on solutions to the climate crisis, so can you“.

What is it about?

10:10:10 A GLOBAL DAY OF DOING from 10:10 on Vimeo.

October 10th marked the first event of their “Get to Work” campaign, in partnership with the 10:10 campaign they launched the “Global Work Party”, a day that encourages people to get to work on projects in their community to help carbon emissions. Projects ranging from planting trees to installing solar panels, even encouraging people to start a dialogue with those of faith about the realities of climate change.

The Buzz In Numbers

This years campaign certainly has been a resounding success attracting more than 7,000 demonstrators from 188 countries;

  • In Istanbul – Turkey, 7,000 marched for climate action
  • In China, 30,000 students joined over 300 events across the country
  • In Bangladesh, citizens demonstrated knee deep in the flood waters that are affecting hundreds of thousands of people
  • In Hamadan, Iran, hundreds of students attended an environmental symposium
  • In Afghanistan, groups of students planted trees in a valley outside Kabul
  • In South Africa, a local business installed solar panels on the roof of an orphanage
  • In the United States, there were over 2,000 rallies with events in all 50 states, including 400 clean energy rallies in California

That’s beside the coverage on traditional media, and social media.

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How Will It Make Things Better?

In a long winded struggle like that of fighting climate change every little effort counts, and there is nothing in the world that helps foster a sense of community like social media.

Actually, the first time I have ever heard of the campaign was from a Lebanese activist friend of mine who helped to organize some activities in Lebanon and then I heard about it again from another friend of mine in the States. The fact that two people from entirely different parts of the world are passionate and evangelizing for the cause of is a good sign for the campaign and it will hopefully be able to turn the tide of public opinion and policy in favor of mobilizing to find solutions for the problem of global warming.

How do you feel about such campaigns? Do you think such campaigns can be effective or are they just tools to make the people who participate in them just feel better about themselves? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

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  1. Beiruta says:

    I honestly think that campaigns such as this one can have a positive effect in the long run if not on governments, then at least on people who are becoming more and more aware of the damages they are unintentionally causing to the environment and consequently, to themselves!

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