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Pedigree’s “Write a Post, Help a Dog” — Learn Social Media By Example

Pedigree: Write A Post, Help A Dog

Over 4 million dogs wind up homeless each year.

The Pedigree Foundation has created a website with resources for adopting a shelter dog. Included in the website’s information are links to area shelters, articles on responsible dog ownership, and information about how to get a free month of dog food for newly adopted shelter dogs.

Campaign Idea & Objectives:

Pedigree invited people to join them in their efforts to not only feed these dogs without a family, but to encourage individuals to adopt a shelter dog as their next companion. Like Pedigree says, “every dog deserves a healthy and happy life.”

The concept was simple; dog bloggers had to write a blog post about Pedigree’s adoption program before September 19, 2010, and Pedigree promised to donate a 20 pound bag of the company’s new Healthy Longevity dog food to an animal shelter.

Buzz Generated:

The stats are incredible:

1,125,000+ people liked this on Facebook since Pedigree donated a bowl of dog food for every “Like” it received on its Facebook Page.

375 bloggers posted their contributions to the campaign website, earning about 7,500 pounds of dog food between them.

2,500 Twitter followers spreading the news and retweeting actively about the campaign.

Twitter Pedigree Buzz

Some Campaign Reactions:

Opinion & Lessons Learned:

Pedigree Campaign Poster

Some might argue that instead of doing this for dogs, we should be doing this for people. Although I might agree to some extent however, I have these 2 important points to add: 1) One does not necessarily have to replace the other, 2) We can learn so much from campaigns like these to make future campaigns that are (hopefully) able to make a difference in the quality of our lives.

So what can we learn from this unique campaign?

So, finally, I would like to ask you what you think of this campaign: Have you heard of it? Did you participate in it? How do you think it might have been even more popular that it was?

Looking forward to your feedback and insights down below…

Posted by on November 9, 2010.

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