Social Media Sobriety Test: Don’t Drink & Tweet!

Nothing good happens online after 1a.m. Put an end to the embarrassment that follows regrettable, late-night posts!

How many times did you get back home, after a few drinks, drunk or tipsy then started tweeting or updating your Facebook status without really knowing what it is that you are typing away? How much trouble did that get you in?

Avoidable Posts!

Well, have no fear, your solution is a few clicks away!

“The Social Media Sobriety Test,” a free Firefox plug-in from online-security company Webroot, lets users name sites, like Facebook and Twitter, on which they’d like a little oversight.

How to install the sobriety test

Test Features:

  • Set the hours you feel most likely to give in to booze-fueled temptation, and the plug-in will ask you to pass a simple test before being able log on.
  • The site also lets users set up the test on Myspace, photo site Flickr, blog host Tumblr and YouTube. The user can manually add other social-media sites to the list.

So, what do you think? Do you believe this add-in will actually work? Would you download it? Looking forward to your feedback and insights down below…

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2 responses to “Social Media Sobriety Test: Don’t Drink & Tweet!”

  1. Mohd says:

    I think if my inhibitions are so low to allow me to embarrass myself in that way, technology won't be a high enough barrier for me not to overcome but interesting plug-in non the less.

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