Social Media Trends for Businesses [video]

Social media = More power to the people

With the strong presence of social media, every social media user can have a voice and share his/her opinions with the world.

Advertisers now are targeting social media more and more since they understand the major role it plays in attracting customers, building brand loyalty and boosting sales of product and services.

But that’s not all… This video will guide you through the latest trends brought about by social media giants such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn with stats and numbers… Enjoy!

So, after viewing this video, what do you think: Do you believe in the power of social media? And do you think advertisers will truly benefit from social media more than other available channels?

Looking forward to your comments and insights down below…

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  2. M.Bamieh says:

    Interesting tidbits and facts but i think it just hypes up the influence of people over brands on social media. I think the relationship is far more complex than just saying that power is now with the consumer, since it has always been the case … they are the ones that have the money and they are the ones that choose where to spend it.

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  5. Robert Lee says:

    Beirut!..How about a location.

    Are you actually in Lebanon as we Tweet?

  6. Robertlmunoz says:

    You may be right about having the money. But don't be naif…think about the influence intrinsic in the medium?

    For example ” How likely are you to recommend my product or service?

    Oh! My God…the ultimate question. Tweeters, Twiters, facebookers, my spacers…all. Be careful not to piss any customer off…many of these social-lights can wind up being detractors for life.

    Food for Thought!

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