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After watching the movie: “The Social Network”, one of my friends commented how the Zuck man has earned his place among the great villains of cinema, along the likes of Darth Vader, and Keyser soze. But is he that emotionally detached and evil as the character portrayed by Jesse Eisenberg? The answer is: Not so much.

Here are the top errors in the story that help shape the faulty portrayal:

  • Eduardo Saverin wasn’t a Victim: In actuality, he was threatening the existence of Facebook by being stubborn and unavailable at a time when the site needed funding. He also got his way in reality and advertised on the site.
  • Eduardo wasn’t Mark’s BFF: The movie completely omitted Adam D’Angelo’s role in the creation of Facebook who was Mark’s high-school friend and went on to become Facebook’s first CTO.
  • Divya Didn’t Care All That Much: The Winklevosses’ business partner, Divvya Narendra, was made out to be the one pushing for the case against the Zuckman but in reality he was the one that moved on.
  • Zuck – The Peeping Tom: The story leaves out an integral story about how Mark used the private information of Facebook users to hack into their email accounts. A couplet of the users were editors of the Harvard Crimson.
  • The Mark And Sean breakup: While Sean was arrested for cocaine, it wasn’t in California and it wasn’t in 2004 and Mark didn’t want to fire him at all. Even after he resigned from his position at the company, he continued to be heavily involved with the company for a long time.
  • Her Name is Alona: Jessica Alona is the real life Erica Albright who, according to the movie, sparked the vengeful Mark to code Facemash, which in turn inspired him to create Facebook.

There are several other discrepancies between reality and the story crafted by Sorkin, for instance the fact that Facebook didn’t come to Europe in 2004 but in the end what Sorkin was interested in is creating the mythology of the creation of Facebook and he had succeeded. For now, the story of the movie will be what passes as truth for the story of the creation of Facebook regardless of what actually is the truth, and without adding the drama and creating the story as he did, he wouldn’t have given us such a masterful script and for that end we can over look some factual errors for the sake of entertainment.

Have you watched the movie? Did you buy the story? Share with us your thoughts in the comment section below.

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  1. Beiruta says:

    I did watch the movie and as it turns out, it was the same day you did! You beat me to writing a post about it :)

    Nevertheless, I enjoyed the errors you found and I think those make a lot of differences in how people would have felt about the characters as opposed to how they did at the end of the movie!

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