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The Palin’s: what a family! While they are well known for their most famous quality of being … ubiquitously covered on ‘main stream media’. While Sarah Palin, big momma grizzly, is well know for her use of social media and the internet which she used to make herself relevant in the political arena and with a single status update placing Obamacare in the dire straits. Her Facebook fanpage boasts a mighty 2.45 million fans and her Twitter account has a lot of eyes on it!

But today, another Palin is shinning, no-drama-mama Bristol has made it on the TV show “Dancing With The Stars” and managed to defy all bets and steady on till the show’s finale and she has the internet to thank for her run. A well orchestrated campaign has been run by an amalgam of forces united by the goal of keeping her on the show.

What is it about?

Dancing With The Stars is a US reality show that pairs a “star” with a professional dancer and judges each week on a combination of judges’ point and viewers voting. Voting for the couples is done through a variety of methods, you can vote either through your phone by calling a dedicated number or you can go to the website and cast your vote using you email address and a valid US zip code.

Up until this season, the eleventh of the show, the voting system while flawed has stood up well for the test of time but that was before politics peaked it’s mean mug into the game. While Bristol has been -to put it mildly – less than gracious on the dance floor and has been scoring consistently low with the judges week-in and week-out, she has been the one saying “sashay away” to the other contestants.

The secret to her success is that with the Palin name on the line, the TEA party came in droves for support. Otherwise, conservative and political blogs have been coming out in droves as fans of the show and encouraging their fans, readers and followers to vote and game the system, the blogger Hillbuzz said:

For conservatives, enjoy the fun of finally, at last, getting a taste of what it’s like to be a Democrat.  You can vote as much as you want. You can vote using all sorts of names.  You can vote all day. You can’t get paid to vote, because you aren’t really a Democrat, silly, but you can get as close as you can possibly get without being in a union or taking part in ACORN.

And that post alone had 145 comments mostly supporting his stance.

Status updates on Facebook

How Was It Achieved

Simply by gaming the system, the site does not restrict voting for the continental US, does not verify for valid email address and allegedly doesn’t restrict voting based on the user’s IP. Knowing that, the conservatives have flooded the website submitting bogus votes and encouraging everyone in their circle to do so as well, even if they don’t watch the show! Spreading the word out using social media.

You may not be a fan of the show or even Bristol but I firmly believe her continued success on the show demonstrates the power of the tea party. [quote]

Other gems from conservative commentators

I’ve never watched this show, and didn’t see it tonight. From what I’ve seen in clips, Bristol kind of sucks at dancing. However the increasing level of teeth gnashing by the usual talking heads got me inspired enough to vote my 5 times tonight for Bristol. I could care less about DWTS or the “integrity” of the vote. I want Bristol to win for no other reason than to watch while liberal heads explode. [quote]

Tweets for Bristol!

Final Words

The fact that people stopped distinguishing between entertainment and politics and the fact that they are using a reality show to make a politic statement both show the level of polarization that is being experienced in the current American political scene. The worrying level of  fanaticism that the TEA party has  displayed for anything Palin shows how organized they are through social media and how much of clout they have of their members and fans that they are able to mobilize them for the most trivial of causes.

Now, regardless of  the outcome of the finale, the only losers are the true fans of the show who have followed it religiously for 11 seasons only to be marginalized by a mob of TEA baggers.

Bristol Palin has waltzed her way to finals on the wings of her mother’s political muscle! No way Brandy or any other “STAR” could have the amount of call in voters! This is totally not fair and a misrepresentation of ALL DWTS has represented! I am truly appalled! This WILL come back to bite Sarah Palin! [quote]

What do you think about such campaigns? Did ABC do a mistake for not correcting their voting system before the end of the season? Share with us your thoughts in the comment section below

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6 responses to “Vote For Palin on Dancing with the Stars! — Learn SM by Example”

  1. Amer Kawar says:

    For people who are crazy about reality shows, I usually say: Really?
    For the crazy people behind this voting hijack, I am upgrading it to caps: REALLY?

  2. Petladygo says:

    I don't think any political figure or members of their family should be on a show such as DWTS. that would take care of some of the problems. However, there will always be people who will vote on popularity not talent… At least on DWTS season11, talent did win in the end!!
    PS I was appalled at the threats against Bristol, her dance partner & her family!! Shameful

  3. Beiruta says:

    I wouldn't participate in this campaign except over my dead body! It is grounds for unfairness and inequality!

  4. Mohd says:

    Absolutely agree that people don't necessarily vote on talent and that politics shouldn't get involved in entertainment. I can at least be at peace now that Jennifer won it instead of bristol

  5. Dlacyatl says:

    Obama used Social Media to get elected…so what's the difference?!!!!!

  6. Mohd says:

    it's the same difference as having a nose job and cutting your nose to spite your face

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