Warning: Your Naked Photos, Too, Might Be Posted on Facebook!

The great Samuel Butler once said: “It is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all“, however, some people like Joshua Simon Ashby do beg to differ!

Joshua Simon Ashby

Joshua Simon Ashby

Brokenhearted, drunk and fueled with jealousy after his girlfriend suddenly pulled the plug on their relationship, Joshua posted his ex-girlfriend’s pictures on Facebook, for millions of Facebook users to see and was made legal history for being put in jail for doing so!

Joshua had included in text messages to her on July 23: “I’m going to kill you” and “Dead bitch“. He then posted a photograph he had of her naked in front of a mirror to her Facebook page. Initially, 218 of her friends had access to it, but Ashby then made it publicly available and changed her password. Her friends saw the photo and texted her to tell her.

This is believed to be the first time someone has been sentenced for a crime committed using social media under the seldom-used morality and decency section of the Crimes Act.

Joshua’s parents blame the “dark side” of Facebook for this tragic event and they add: “He is not a mean or a nasty person… he is intense“.

Tips for the Future:

Maybe it is true what the Ashbys say about their son and maybe it isn’t. If it is, then this is a bigger reason for all you ladies out there to take these small tips and keep them close to mind, or heart in this particular situation:

  1. Do not underestimate the power that social media can deliver into the hands of a torn ex-lover!
  2. Do not share naked pictures online.
  3. Remember: drinking and social media could be a dangerous mix!
  4. Adjust your Facebook privacy settings to those who you trust and want share with photos and other private information.
  5. Keep your password safe and change it regularly.

I hope you find this story as a lesson and these simple tips useful and valuable.

Looking forward to your comments and feedback down below.

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5 responses to “Warning: Your Naked Photos, Too, Might Be Posted on Facebook!”

  1. Mohd says:

    it's just sad that he would do such a thing, word of advice change your passwords after a break up

  2. Amer Kawar says:

    The password thing cannot be emphasized enough. Almost all the couples I know of share one another's passwords. I don't get it. If you don't trust one another, just break up already!

    Same goes for the email password, as it's usually linked to the recover password feature of all the sites you're sign up for.

    My 2 cents :)

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  4. Instead of warning people how to avoid being a victim, how about warning douchebag assholes not to do douchebag shitty asshole things?? Oh wait, just an “intense” “torn ex-lover”. Really, girls! It's kind of your fault; don't say we didn't warn you that boys can get emotional when you decide they're too “intense” for you! Just don't trust or share intimacies with anyone, EVER if you don't want to be raped, have your body exposed to your friends, family, and the entire internet, etc.

  5. George K says:

    Girls are naive..

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