CityVille — Apps Using Social Media Brilliantly

Welcome to another episode of Thoughtpick’s series of articles: Apps Using SM Brilliantly. We will again be looking into examples of tricks and methods that online games and applications are using to make the most of social media. In other words, what is making those apps as “spreadable” and “viral” as they are.

Today’s application is: Zynga’s CityVille.

The Application:

Zynga's CityVille

Zynga’s newest game, CityVille, is the fastest growing game in the company’s history. It had nearly 300,000 players in its first 24 hours, and 3 million daily active users in its first week.

Currently, CityVille has over 12,940,000 monthly active users and 38,000 likes.

CityVille allows you to create and run your own city from the ground up. You can start your city by growing crops and supplying goods to your newest stores and eateries. You can collect rent from your houses. Moreover, you can expand your businesses into friends’ cities with franchises!

Build the city of your dreams!

What They Did:

Zynga went beyond the funky colors and creative gaming ideas and used a viral and social mix of elements for CityVille:

1. For the first time, Zynga did an international launch in five languages (English, German, French, Spanish, and Italian), with a big marketing push and localized games in different countries.

2. It also leveraged Zynga’s other existing games to kickstart CityVille.

Finally, I would like to ask you a couple of questions: What do you think of CityVille? Have you tried it yet? If not, share with us your reasons or just let us know what you think of it down below…

Comments and Reactions

4 responses to “CityVille — Apps Using Social Media Brilliantly”

  1. Amer Kawar says:

    Cool post. I can’t help but wonder, when it comes to Zynga, is it their size that makes their new games so successful or are they still innovating in the social gaming arena. Just wondering, didn’t do any research before hand!

  2. M.Bamieh says:

    I think it’s a bit of both, you notice with their new games they always try to tweak the formula a bit to achieve the highest level of gamer addiction :)

  3. Phil says:

    CityVille’s expansion is just insane!

  4. Anonymous says:

    It’s not bad, first times it makes you addict! Zynga needs to clarify its privacy-related information, just to avoid security concerns.

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