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Note: I have been avoiding this article for a couple of weeks now, because whenever I start writing it, I get lost in a series of “just one more” click and I don’t recover from it until hours later. So, in order to finish this article I had to compose it offline and then add the rest of the missing pieces later because it is that addictive. Let that be a warning to all those who will watch any of the videos here.

Lotte is one of the biggest food and shopping groups in Japan. To promote their new Fit’s soft chewing gum, they decided to partner with Youtube in releasing a series of commercials that encourage people to participate in their dance contest.

What is it about?

The concept is fairly simple: Get yourself a really popular idol like say Nozomi Sasaki, pair off with another cute guy, say Takeru Satou, add a chubby tubby girl for comic relief and have them all dance to more addictive than crack musical tune. And just to make sure that it does go viral, create a dancing contest around the video and invite everyone to post their videos on Youtube and the one with the most views wins a 100 million Yen (about $10,000). The only rule is that you have to follow the choreography clearly illustrated on the website

Do You Think You Can Dance?

People submit their videos to Youtube showing their dancing to the tunes of the Fit’s song and then those selected for the first round, if they win, earn a prize of 10 million yen and the 5 winners compete to win the prize of 100 million Yen. In May, the 3rd season of the contest finished. One of the amusing entries in that season has been what seems like Willy Wonka’s parents dancing to tune.

The Buzz In Numbers

First Round Winners for Season 3

Oh the buzz! Japan is a country of about a 125 million people, Lotte’s channel has more than 55 million views. In such an insular market such as Japan, you can count on the majority of those coming from Japan and that’s amazing in and of itself.

There are close to 3,000 videos posted on the channel, most of which are uploaded by contestants with many reaching one or two million views each!


The impact of the commercial transcended beyond the product and became a venue where even various regions of Japan are using it to promote themselves and their forums. To say that it is a phenomena in Japan is an understatement! All of that because of a little contest, to add to the publicity Nozomi-san released the tune as a single!

What do you think about this campaign? How many times have you played the various videos? Do you hate me now? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

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5 responses to “Japanese “Fit’s” Dance Contest — Learn Social Media By Example”

  1. Amer Kawar says:

    Mohd, you owe me 45 minutes!

    Hilarious. And the song is now stuck in my head :D

    What I really like and respect is how simple the plan is. Spreadable by design. Low (but acceptable) cash prize.

    Awesome campaign!

  2. Beiruta says:

    Funny, unique and full of viral elements: very clever campaign! I wonder if it would work as much in other countries!

  3. M.Bamieh says:

    I meant it when I said I had a hard time writing this article because I kept on getting distracted by the videos!

  4. Amer Kawar says:

    Yeah, Japanese people are known to have something towards Karaoke and dancing. Plus, Japan has one of the highest average internet speeds in the world (helps when it comes to surfing and uploading vids). No idea if that would work in other countries, really!

  5. Arawashi says:

    I joined LOTTE Fit’s dance movie contest. I’m happy if you click いいね!(like) on my movies. One of them is that I (highschool teacher) is breakdancing in the classroom.and the another is that I spin with only one hand.http://lotte-fits.jp/dance/movie_play.php?v=qjH7X2kMRIohttp://lotte-fits.jp/dance/movie_play.php?v=Muj6CPIrhcM

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