Honda + Car Town Game = Awesome Social Gaming Campaign

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: Honda Takes Social Gaming for a Test Drive

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: Facebook

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: August 9, 2010

: October 23, 2010

On a weekly basis, we present to you social media campaigns which we find interesting. We research them, analyze them and break them down into valuable information, tips and lessons which could be helpful to you when designing your next new social media hit.

However, this time we have a new flavor which comes in a combo form: a social media campaign which depends on a viral and spreadable application to attract its audience!

“Honda Motor Corp.’s campaign for its new CR-Z car features the hybrid vehicle in some colorful roadside billboards that can’t be seen from a freeway.” ~ Bloomberg

Honda Takes Social Gaming for a Test Drive

Car Town Application on Facebook

To promote the U.S. launch of its latest sport hybrid coupe, the Honda CR-Z, the company initiated a two-month advertising campaign in Car Town, a newly released Facebook game that allows players to use virtual currency to purchase, customize and store hundreds of vehicles in their own virtual garages. Players can then use these vehicles to take road trips and complete challenges to earn points to purchase additional vehicles and car-related products and services.

The game was launched by Cie Games on August 9.

Campaign Idea & Objectives:

In order to capture interest and gain potential customers, Honda Car Town developers  introduced clickable ads featuring a rendering of the Honda CR-Z that appeared on all in-game billboards. These billboards were stationed next to player garages, where users begin every game session.

In addition, Honda was one of the game’s “Featured Garages,” where users were able to watch the vehicle’s video commercial and purchase a Honda CR-Z for their own garages.

The New Honda Civic

Furthermore, the game version of the car is uniquely enabled to travel to both the beach and snow-covered environments simultaneously, highlighting the CR-Z’s sporty and fuel-efficient capabilities.

Buzz Generated:

Here are some of the statistics on Facebook:

  • 238,103 reviews
  • 6,923,603 monthly active users

Note: A better estimation of the success of this campaign would have been the number of cars sold as a result of Car Town. (Maybe a Honda PR or sales person could be able to provide this data?)

Opinion & Lessons Learned:

Awesome idea and great execution; everyone is buzzing about this genius, fun and interactive campaign which is both viral and lovable at the same time. Personally, I think that Honda might really convince me of buying this new car, especially if I was looking for a car to buy in the first place.

So, what can we learn from this campaign?

  • Mixing & Matching: To be able to infiltrate the noise clutter online, you need to come up with something unique and, when possible, couple that with a creative venue or platform to encourage people to want to find out more.
  • God is in the Details: Not only did Honda have a garage for its cars, it also showed, in details, how the car operates and how efficient it is thus giving the audience the benefits of owning the car without just listing them.
  • Billboards Still Work: Maybe you have thought of giving up on billboards online and offline. This campaign proves that billboards still work, especially when placed in the right place and at the right time!
  • Online Apps Rule: Nothing attracts your audience more than an application designed to entertain them. Adding useful information about your product or service to such games can make all the difference in your campaign.

So, to wrap up, I’d like to ask you a few questions: Have you heard of this application or campaign before? What do you think of it? Do you think it might have positively influenced your decision of buying a Honda?

Looking forward to your comments and insights down below…

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3 responses to “Honda + Car Town Game = Awesome Social Gaming Campaign”

  1. Amer Kawar says:

    That’s a really cool campaign. Fun, and non-interruptive. I like that!

    Great review!

  2. M.Bamieh says:

    this one is really much better than their previous ones. on a side note, did you really get a “D”? :P

  3. Really cool campaign.According to recent research from Nielsen online gaming is now the second-most popular activity among us web surfers.

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