Jumo: The Social Network for Social Good!

Yes: Facebook is a great platform and it helps you keep in touch with friends, promote your social media campaigns and have fun with its many applications… But how about the greater good?

Jumo Beta

With this slogan: “We connect individuals & organizations working to change the world“, Jumo brings the world a little bit closer through the idea of a common good and a better world for all.

Leveraging connection technologies, Jumo enables people to find, follow and support those working toward solutions on the ground in their community and in regions across the globe. Jumo is founded and directed by Chris Hughes, co-founder of Facebook.


Jumo’s main goals are simple, straight-forward and noble all at the same time. What Jumo wants to achieve is a higher lever of awareness of the problems going on around the world through actively involving those of interest and helping them find a way, together, to make a change.

Furthermore, and since many people out there lack the tools and the know-how to help in trying to change the world to the better, Jumo offers a means to an end by being a portal where those people could meet with other, share and get ideas, join forces and ultimately reach solutions and alternatives for current and potential problems and issues around the world.

Jumo was designed to let users find, follow and support the causes important to them, and with 3,500 organizations on board at launch, would-be philanthropists should be able to find and follow something of interest upon joining.CNN


Among other features, Jumo makes it easy to:

  • Find issues and projects you care about
  • Follow the latest news and updates
  • Support work with your time, money, and skills

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Here are some of the reactions about Jumo so far:

  • Pretty sweet but not on my daily visit list.
  • I truly support the cause, only if it could made a little more fun!
  • This would be good if it really happens!


I am really looking forward to see what will Jumo achieve in the coming few years. However, I can’t but think about some of the challenges it might face:

  • Since Jumo is all about good-doing globally, how will it make its profits?
  • What channels will Jumo use to advertise itself?
  • Will Facebook’s Mark try to imitate Jumo in one way or another, and – given the huge number of Facebook users – will he succeed if he does?
  • Can change really happen through Jumo? If not, why will people keep using it after a year or two?

Looking forward to your feedback and insights about Jumo and how you think it might be utilized as effectively as possible to help bring about world change…

For more details on how to use Jumo, check out Mashable’s article by clicking here.

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3 responses to “Jumo: The Social Network for Social Good!”

  1. M.Bamieh says:

    I still don't think how jumo is offering anything different than what causes already offers? And i still don't get how is it going to be any better than just using Facebook or even Twitter. So other than it being a spawn from a founder of FB it wouldn't have gotten any of the coverage that it got.

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