The Best of The Best Lists of Social Media 2010

2010 is just about to be over and we had a wonderful year here at the Thoughpick blog. Just reminiscing about all that has happened during the past year gives us a lot of pride in our readers and us, not only for getting through the year, but doing it with style. So in honor of the year 2010, the last year of the decade, we will be going over some of the highlights of the year.

Most Popular Post on the Blog

Is a tie between Top 10 Ridiculous yet Freakishly Popular Facebook Fanpages & Groups! & HOW TO: Reactivate a Disabled Facebook Account. While the former explores the silly side of Facebook’s usage, the latter just became a venting space for a lot of Facebook users to come and express their anger, frustration and confusion after their accounts have been disabled suddenly and without an explanation or reason given. Hopefully, Facebook will sort themselves out when it comes to this area of the service by this time next year.

The Best Viral Videos of the Year

You don’t want to waste your time watching the top 50 or so videos of last year? Don’t! The folks at Videogum have compiled the top videos of 2010 in an awesome 5 minute video

The Most Powerful Tweets

This year has truly seen Twitter mature and find its place among the top honchos and the medium helped us explore, understand and follow many crucial events that people covered through Twitter and hence Twitter released a list of the Top 10 Most Powerful Tweets of 2010. Taking the top spot was a tween by reporter Ann Curry

The Most Powerful Tweet

The Best Social Media Campaign

While the most successful social media campaign, when looking at statistics alone, has been the Old Spice man without a doubt, looking at the numbers it surely was a phenomenon and it set the bar high for the success a social media campaign can achieve. But in my humble opinion, numbers and statistics are not the only thing that should be measured when deciding which was the best social media campaign of 2010, to me the most successful social media campaign must have the participation of people and their social interaction as a central part of the campaign. Hence, my pick for the Best social media campaign has to go to the “It Gets Better” Campaign which had a large number of celebrities and ordinary people sit down and spend the time and effort to contribute to the campaign with a video of their own.

The Best Newcomer to the Scene

Jumo certainly has been the most well received and hyped newcomer to the social media scene this year. Jumo’s aims at raising awareness about problems the world is facing, and help connect organizations working on those problems with supporters from around the world – given that the site promises nothing less that its ability to change the world! So we can be OK if the site falls short of achieving its promise, but we’ll hope that it will at least helping in solving some of the problems of our world.

Jumo: The Social Network for Social Good!

Did you have a good 2010? Share with us your memories, experiences and moments of 2010 and hope to see you all in 2011 and Happy New Year from the Thoughpick blog team to all our readers.

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