Top Youtube Videos of 2010

2010 has been an amazing year when it comes to Youtube, they have expanded to an even wider audience and cemented themselves as a valid platform for hosting some of the most innovative and successful marketing campaigns of the year.

To commemorate the year, Youtube Trends has released Rewind, a time-line celebrating the major milestones, events and – in certain cases – tragedies of the year. They also have compiled the top 10 amateur videos that have been submitted to Youtube based on the number of videos.

While I was surprised that those damn annoying oranges managed to rack so many damn views or how I have heard or watched Gymkhana’s videos before today, beyond that, the chart had little surprises or gems that we haven’t heard out. Those hidden gems, and videos that managed to rack millions but were out of reach for still many more, managed to shine in the top videos of each category.


While you would expect the top spot to go to some professional sportsman moment or to an amazing stunt, in actuality, the honor went to one sneaky middle-schooler, and if you want to see some amazing feats of pole dancing make sure to check this out.

Politics & News:

Youtube was a vital player in politics this year; hosting some of the most gruesome and controversial videos ever viewed by a wide audience. The year started off with the video of the killing of Iranian activist Neda which sent shocks around the globe, and it was also the year that Wikileaks became a global brand with its release of Collateral Damage, the video showing unreleased footage of a gunfight involving the US Army in Iraq in 2007 which was the most watched video in politics and news.

Top Music Video

Is it any surprise that four out of the top 10 spots go to the Beiber? He also took the top spot with his video for the song “Baby” which reigns also as the most watched video on Youtube with more than 409 million views. You can see the rest of the Best of ’10 on the Youtube Trends blog.

What’s interesting about it is checking out the top videos for people around the world in comparison to the USA and seeing how different the content is across the cultural lines. So, while Mexico really like their web-comics, Asia is in love their girl bands!

What was your favorite online video of the year? Do You believe that going viral has gone mainstream and we will need some new niche for some more obscure and underground videos? Share with us your thoughts in the comment section below.

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  1. Beiruta says:

    I liked most of the video except for the awful song by Bieber – Baby! My God, I really don’t understand why all this fuss about him. Actually, I heard someone call him the “Micheal Jackson” of this generation!

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