10 Options & Features Why Facebook Rocks!

Often, we like to complain about things we don’t like. This has been very evident in the way we deal with everything around us, and has become even more obvious after the spread of social media use. I am one of those people who usually likes to find the faults in things, especially when it has to do with social media channels, services and tools.

However, and for a change, I would like to list the 10 thing that make Facebook so special and cause it to rock and shine amongst other social media platforms!

1. The “New Device” Notification

If you adjust your setting right, you will receive the following text as an e-mail from Facebook if you enter your Facebook account from a new device:

New Device Notification

New Device Notification

2. The Inbox Customization:

Whenever you are checking your inbox and you open a message from a friend, you can actually see that friend’s photo albums at the right side of your page!

3. Friends & Likes:

Whether it is a status update, a photo, a link or a video, you can actually see the names of the people who like it starting with the names of your friends.

4. The “Birthday Notification” Option

You will never have to feel bad about forgetting a birthday again with the Birthday notification option! I know it doesn’t seem like a big thing, but can you honestly say that this feature did not spare you a lot of blame and complaining?

5. Mutual Friendships:

Isn’t it easier to go to a friend’s profile page and so simply find the mutual friendships right there on the side of the page without having to look around?

Mutual Friendship Feature

Mutual Friendship Feature

6. The “Volume” Option:

This is the option which enables you to choose who of your friends you’d like to see more about in your stream and vice versa. I call it the “volume” option because to me, it feels like I can mute some friends while I can “hear others more loudly!”

7. The “Remove Tag” Option:

Sometimes, getting tagged could be a really bad thing for so many different reasons! However, whoever tags you, you will get notified and you have the option to remove the tag (you can also report the tagging incident!)

8. The “People You May Know” Option:

Lost a friend? Or forgot about him/her? The people you may know option can help you find him/her. Also, it can help you meet new people who have common friends with you.

9. Controlling Whom You Share What With!

By specific names, you can actually control who sees what from your photos, information, networks, videos and so on!

Controlling Your Privacy

Controlling Your Privacy

10. The “Glimpse” Feature:

Again, this is my own naming for the feature which allows you to see a brief glimpse – in a box – of any person who commented on a friend’s link, photo, update, etc.

To wrap up: What do you think of these features and options? Have you noticed or used them before? Do you know of others which you can share with our readers?

Looking forward to your feedback and insights in the comment section below…

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4 responses to “10 Options & Features Why Facebook Rocks!”

  1. Amer Kawar says:

    I like the “New Device” notification, plus the birthday reminders are great – if I login to facebook everyday :)

  2. I think the above points are great and play a major role in Facebooks triumph in the recent times, but there is something else too.
    Facebook have some users, probably I would say slaves, they just can’t live without it, just because it is the base for contacting their friends or dates or new dates too and also for business purposes.

  3. Mignondee says:

    I like that you can type as much as you want and that you can see all comments. I also like that you can IM and interact with people whom you may not know that are friends with your friend. That is why to me… Facebook Rockz!!!

  4. Sifatsultan says:

    how does the volume options work….i rlly rlly need to know this…is there some direct u can choose the friends to shut their annoying mouth without them knowing abt it or removing frm friend list

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