5 Top Tips for Engaging Your Audience Starting Every New Year!

For many lucky folks, the end of a year and the beginning of a new one means: resolutions, party and then party some more! However, for all you blog owners, startups and small to medium businesses, this time of the year means that you have some serious work to do!

From experience, this time of the year is the best time for engaging your audience in simple, unique and clever ways in order to show them you care and to prepare them for what you will be offering them in the year to come!

Therefore, I present you with 5 tips for engaging your audience starting every new year!

1. Tweet happy tweets!

It might sound juvenile but it works! At the end of every year, make sure you send out group and customized tweets to your followers wishing them a happy new year and spreading hope for years to come!

Happy Tweets!

Happy Tweets!

2. Share holiday related links.

All year round, you share links related to your work and that help achieve your business goals. For the few days before and after new year’s eve, try to share more links related to the holidays and their joyful cheers!

3. Blog about your plans.

A year has passed and you have made some successes; make sure you share them on your blog! Also, make sure you inform your audience of any future endeavors you intend to begin.

4. Decorate!

Whenever possible, take new year as an excuse to add a little holiday related decorations to your blog, website, Facebook profile picture or Twitter avatar. This will help draw a smile on your audience’s faces and make you seem more than just a business in their eyes!

Avangate -Happy New Year

Avangate -Happy New Year

5. Use e-mails & messages.

Customized e-mails and messages are always a good way to communicate with prospect customers. As long as you’re not being intrusive, make sure you send out some personalized e-mails and messages to your potential clients wishing them a happy new and fruitful year ahead!

Hope you enjoyed the tips!

Looking forward to your feedback and insights about this topic in the comment section below…

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